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  1. Some sailors purchased ink stamps with their names. I have stamp case but missing the stamps.
  2. No significance with this variation insignia. The navy simply utilized surplus insignia. In this case an insignia originally designed for summer (white) enlisted cap. You will find a wide range of insignias that were used. Mid to late war the navy accepted all green tunics & caps dropping the black (winter) & white.
  3. Perhaps it's the lighting but finish/wear on star looks very different than rest of exterior
  4. Very late, original army liner. That white/blue gray color is late war tanning process. Two holes on top of helmet shell are vents
  5. At best it looks civilian & late war if that. Ink stamps look strange. No chinstrap! No insignia! Not a text book cap nor one I'd want in my collection. Be patient & you'll find a much better example
  6. Officer insignia can be metal or gilt embroidered. Chinstrap buttons usually have gilt cherry blossoms/mum. Liners are often silk or synthetic shiny material. Sometimes owners name will be embroidered on interior . A true army officer's field cap should at least have two-three above mentioned details. Lots of post war faked civilian field caps
  7. No. I don't own one. Never saw one nor do I know of any in collections in US. I have seen them worn in black & white period photos. Some believe they were originally white jumpers that were dyed.They are the "holy grail" of SNLF tunics including officer's green tunic that took shoulder boards.
  8. Especially like the navy gear! Green pullover isn't a jumper but a work tunic. Jumpers came in white ( for summer) & black for winter. They had detachable collars. There was an extremely rare SNLF model jumper that was in green
  9. Tunics were well used postwar due to shortages. Should still have sign of interior ink stamps. I believe tabs were added post war but need to see reverse of collar & how tabs were attached
  10. Here's one of many http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/22400-nlf-gunto-discussion/ from a very well known sword website
  11. It's been documented that these are post war sanctioned souvenirs.
  12. I agree that star & liner are both reproductions. Check stickies on WAF Japanese boards & here http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/japanese-militaria/evolution-japanese-army-steel-helmet-1918-1945-revised-expanded-version-589930/ Original stars are contoured to helmet shell/ rounded to fit profile. Fakes are flat. Paint & condition of stars should match helmet shell color as well.
  13. As you mentioned bayonet is not in LaBars nor Johnson's books on bayonets for a reason. In my opinion this is a post war added anchor
  14. Third pattern cover with bottom reinforced band. It has late bevo star insignia which is heavily worn. 1st pattern cover has star with no circle backing. 2nd pattern has star on circle backing. Third pattern cover has reinforced bottom edge band. A few variations of each pattern exist
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