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  1. The officers visor is a beauty ! Bill
  2. Very nice Sarge, I like the steep rake 👍 Bill
  3. Hi Dwight, the dates I see on both are 16 ( 1941) 2 ( February ), and 19 ( 1944 ) 3( March), sorry I'm not an ordnance guy either. Bill
  4. Do the collar tab stitches glow under blacklight? Bill
  5. I agree with History Brick, you can learn a LOT MORE from the forums than from most of the books published on Japanese militaria, these forums are a gold mine of knowledge on all militaria! Bill
  6. Hi Dirk, the white kanji in photo number four painted on the inside rear skirt is the character for size small.If the liner is pliable look under the front pad for a date, my guess is since it's a small the number there shouldn't exceed 16 ( 1941 ), supposedly small helmets were discontinued that year. Bill
  7. Yes Matt you do have a late war canteen and you are right about the strap and buckles, and your canteen was made by Ikeda Aluminum in Osaka. Bill
  8. +1I'd run from this one Matt! Bill
  9. Matt I took these photos weeks ago to post on two other forums and everything is packed away but I'll try to help.The inside of an EM hat usually but not always has a removable white muslin lining for cleaning that's held in place by 4 to 6 stitches.Officers usually have a silk like lining and mostly have their name embroydered inside.You can go over to Griffin Militaria as I know Dan has one of each for sale with photos of the inside and outside, or you can look though his archives of items sold, I know there is at least three officers hats in there that he sold and probably as many EM.I hope
  10. This jumper had a depot tag in it originally and you can still see the outline holes and some bits of thread but was removed and the spot were it was now has an ink depot stamp, I'm assuming it was a reissue. Bill
  11. Do you have any photos of the green SNLF jumper? Bill
  12. Thanks Gents,I don't really know,this is the only one I've ever had in hand so I grabbed it, I've been told it was a type of work shirt and I've never seen a photo of it being worn with the white undershirt with the blue stripe, I've also been told they were worn by Petty Officers.If anyone has any ideas please let us know. Bill
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