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  1. I think you got the other ribbon nailed. I agree the Dutch cross for law and freedom in Korea and the second one is New Guinea Remembrance Cross.. Dwayne
  2. I don't see an edelweiss so im not sure..
  3. Did you notice the cleats on his boots? Looks like bergboots to me
  4. Bottom ribbon is Canadian, the first is Korea medal, U.N. Korea medal, Canadian Centennial medal, and the last is Canadian Forces decoration still trying to ID the top ribbon
  5. #2 is a german waffenmeister(weapon maintenance) it is in the WWII style #5 is the flanders crest but not sure on what time period if it is supposed to be WWII it should have the word FLANDERN above it
  6. I ran into a seller on ebay that was selling these about 3 months ago. He had a full box of them. Im not buying the authenticity on them as why would they mark laundry clips? But the Germans were known to do weird things...so...who knows???
  7. I had one similar on my mg34
  8. Mine is from the 80s. But mine is super small.
  9. I have one in a small green bag I always thought these were for parades where the bearer would wave them in support
  10. Try DAI NIPPON military antiques, they have helped me in the past
  11. Japanese bayonet badge? I found one on the internet looks almost the same. Maybe a different "class" but worth a start. With the jukendo helmet, sword and rifle i believe my assumption is close.
  12. I do not have a photo yet, I was just told about it from a dealer last night. I have No further details at this time.
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