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  1. I have one in a small green bag I always thought these were for parades where the bearer would wave them in support
  2. Try DAI NIPPON military antiques, they have helped me in the past
  3. Japanese bayonet badge? I found one on the internet looks almost the same. Maybe a different "class" but worth a start. With the jukendo helmet, sword and rifle i believe my assumption is close.
  4. I do not have a photo yet, I was just told about it from a dealer last night. I have No further details at this time.
  5. I have the opportunity to purchase a Viet Cong Banner what do I need to look for to tell if it is original or reproduction
  6. Thanks. Maybe ill shoot an offer to the seller...who knows maybe we can make a deal...
  7. What would it be worth in this condition?
  8. Just look up 1915 lobster tail pickelhaube as i do not know how to post a link and i do not know how to "steal" pics off ebay
  9. I found a 1915 dated Prussian lobstertail pickelhaube on ebay needs some work but looks like it would be a good restoration project. What does anyone else think?? I am not the seller of this item but i have bought from this seller before he has some great items..
  10. Well first the photo is reversed. Sorry do not know who he is.
  11. There is no personal information it only says he died a heroic death in the 30th year of his life and who gave his life for his friends. I gave permission to the U-Boat Forum to utilize this death card for information of this U-Boat captain there may be more information on the U-Boat forum if you wish to know more about Captain lieutenant and Commander Ringelmann He was born 21April1912 in Munich. Perished 28Dec1941 in the Mediterranean due to actions against the HMS Kipling
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