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  1. I am fairly certain this is a school cap.
  2. Hello, I can see why this might be appealing to many collectors, as it’s a lot of info in one place, but I just wanted to know I wouldn’t rely too much on this. There are many errors, and they also do not provide any of the true Japanese military designations (M38 instead of Type 98 etc.), and this can be both confusing and annoying.
  3. This is a typical civilian national flag
  4. I dont think that it is 6 (though the picture makes it a little hard to tell). But the kanji looks to be 大 (Dai) or large/big. The kanji for 6 is 六 (roku) and it looks to be dai not roku.
  5. Leo, this is actually a decent jacket you have. It is the Type 98 summer version, with the rank tabs of a Private. The type 98 uniform was introduced in 1938. Its actually getting more and more uncommon to find these jackets with the original rank tabs still on it so yours is pretty nice! Oh I should also note that the type98 summer uniform is one that was very commonly seen in the pacific theatre late war.
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