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  1. I am labeling this one a fake. Date of 1933 seems too early for RZM marking. Any disagreements??
  2. All I find at the local flea market is fleas............
  3. I came upon this unusual card. Appears to me to be an Officer Candidate. If anyone would care to translate for me , or give me any information on it,I would appreciate it.
  4. thank you, what i thought
  5. I have serious doubts about this one, but would appreciate a second (or third, or fourth) opinion. Thanks in advance.
  6. Nice collection and very nice photography
  7. I always thought this young trooper could be on a recruiting poster. Cocky angle of his cap, devilish smile, lots of medals, one of my favorites....
  8. received this in a lot of WWII German photos. I was wondering if, by chance, someone could tell me his name. there is an ink stamp on the photo that I presume is a press release photo.
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