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  1. I remember as a kid - it was referred to as "the german helmet". Along with the helmet he brought home a wound badge, ribbon bar, binoculars, luftwaffe buckle and uniform eagle.
  2. I did find and save a picture from an ebay listing for a wallet that a soldier/marine applied "captured" stars to. maybe can use this as a reference to original star characteristics.
  3. Here is my Luftwaffe helmet that was brought home by my great Uncle who was a medic in 121st inf reg of the 8th ID during wwii. His name is written on helmet skirt. The helmet was in much better condition when I was a child; its liner was more supple, the string was there and there was no surface rust. I recall playing army with it. Then it got lost in time and I thought for sure gone forever. i found it in the garage and its storage was not kind. Insides got wetted - cat pee? Not sure why but glad I rediscovered and saved it.
  4. more; fake liner. good kanji.
  5. I purchased this helmet at an antiques store. the shell appears good, the liner a reproduction. The star i have been told a reproduction. I would like to post here for comments. Is there a source to show what an authentic star should like like?
  6. a couple interesting disks I picked up - information from lexikon der wehrmacht 1) 2nd Kompanie BAU 114 - would be construction battalion - Construction Battalion 114 was deployed on August 26, 1939 in Military District VIII. The battalion was made up of RAD units as an army force. The battalion was initially deployed to the 8th Army in southern Poland. On October 31, 1939, the battalion was moved from Military District XXI to Military District VIII. There the battalion was officially dissolved on January 23, 1940. and 2) ersatz-batterie 10 Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung 10 The artillery replacement department 10 was set up on August 26, 1939 in Regensburg, in the military district XIII, as a light artillery replacement department. The department was subordinated to the 193 division. From October 1942 the division became division 173. On October 1, 1942 the division was divided into an artillery replacement division 10 and an artillery training division 10. These two were reunited on April 7, 1943 as light artillery Replacement and Training Department 10. On July 16, 1943, the department in Regensburg was divided again, this time into an artillery replacement department 10 and a reserve artillery department 10. From that day, the replacement department was subordinate to the division 413. The reserve division remained subordinate to the now reclassified 173rd reserve division. After the installation, the reserve department was moved to the north of Croatia. In February 1944, the reserve department was moved to the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. There she takes part in the restructuring of the Milowitz shadow division. In 1944, the replacement department was renamed Artillery Replacement and Training Department 10, now in Nuremberg, also Wehrkreis XIII. The training department was mobilized in April 1945 with a field post number.
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