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  1. I visited Petaluma, California a little while back to see where they filmed American Graffiti, and I came across the Military Antiques & Museum on accident. As the name suggests, it was a combination of military antiques for sale and a museum. It had a wide variety of stuff, mainly German and American WWII items. I highly recommend it for anyone that is in the area.
  2. I'm not an expert either but, to me, it looks like a reproduction.
  3. Thanks guys! I got lucky here, the vet that brought it back carefully cut it where it would be hidden by the front band and then fixed it when he got home. I’ve seem some out there that looks like they took an axe to it.
  4. No bayonet just yet, that would be a nice addition to it.
  5. This is my DDR AK47. It was imported as a parts kit and reactivated as a semi-auto, 922R legal rifle. It also has two DDR era magazines with it. The stock, pistol grip and upper hand guard are all made of plastic and the lower hand guard is wood, as I heard that they had problems with the plastic melting on the lower hand guard. It really isn't anything special but I just thought I would share it. It is very fun to shoot.
  6. For my first post on this forum, I thought it would be neat to share pictures of my "BYF 44" 98K rifle. It is a matching numbers vet bring back with a very well done "duffel cut" under the front band. I hear a lot of people not liking the duffel cut on their rifles but I personally like it as I think it adds to the history of the rifle.
  7. Hello there! I've been a member of the U.S. Militaria Forum for quite some time and I finally made an account here. I'm looking forward to being on here!
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