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    I mainly collect Civilian/Political Third Reich organizations.Been collecting from the age of 10.Regrettably I collect all thing WW2 ETO and get dirty looks from the wife all the time.Period photos are what I seem to be obsessed with at present.

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  1. Wood is ok avoid pine and other sap producing woods such as cedar.Just because woods say kiln dried doesn't mean the won't still leak sap!Also about every quarter of a year rotate the flags a bit,it is best that textiles do not sit in the same stationary position for long periods of time.
  2. Rich, well you got me drooling 😉 Not only an interesting on the level of HJ visiting Japan,but also those white uniforms are RARE!
  3. I would say the answer is in the type of textile....was this style of flag made ( I am assuming 1934 or later) in such a cloth as yours is?
  4. As I have said before at this site everyday is a school day.
  5. I would like to first state very cool,looks like you have put a lot of thought into the display! Now a word of caution,some of the cloth appears to be in contact with the pvc pipe.Be advised over a bit of time the chemicals in pvc will do some damage to a textile.
  6. Very interesting,indeed these don't come around very often.Any history with it?
  7. Very nice Sarge,when you first posted this I thought isn't that Zoll green rather than Landjaegerie......So I went forth and looked it up...learned something new on the coloring.Zoll is a bit bright color.
  8. Nolly, here is a photo posting tutorial ...... If a member here can't help you I "know a guy" I have invited him here recently hopefully he will join.
  9. I have spent the last couple days trying to preserve a rather deteriorated photo album.I decided to scan these 2 photos and post them my wife's said "so cute"........ no writing on the back,kinda obvious the lad here has choo choo trains in his blood.
  10. Indeed sad news. The old guard of collecting are leaving us too soon over the last year.
  11. Welcome Elliot,is your user name referencing the pigeon units of WW1?
  12. as I stated holding off on the period photo's and I am posting some cloth....Picked this up from a 86th Infantry vet in the early 80'S.This vet brought/sent home more souvenirs than any other vet I have met.I bought all he had and that amounted to quite a sum then.His mother was a nurse and he had a fair bit of DRK material.
  13. Thank you,I was stuck on the first 2 words especially the first....looks like Tuuuuuuer silly me !
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