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    I mainly collect Civilian/Political Third Reich organizations.Been collecting from the age of 10.Regrettably I collect all thing WW2 ETO and get dirty looks from the wife all the time.Period photos are what I seem to be obsessed with at present.

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  1. Ok,I will wade in tho I am not well versed on this badge.The good news is the fonts look correct on the back,the pin looks correct.The only red flag I see is how the pin is attached...lead solder?What does it weigh and what is the size in mm?
  2. That is an eye popper for me,so rare and under appreciated is the Helfrin items.
  3. Bob, the photos are a bit of a challenge.Just my opinion,but the eagles head looks off to me,should be more pronounced.....and it is on the bottom of the tray? That is wrong IMHO,I would also want to see the Wellner mark.They have been faked!A certain well known collector/dealer has been taking period trays and adding the monogram....pm me if you want to know who or I can say it here.I don't want to break any forum rules..I like the place 😉
  4. Good eye they are close to the same size as beer coaster.
  5. Another of the many WHW donation premiums,this for the window.
  6. That is why I was making an assumption that they could be an auxiliary police,2 of the gents are in all 3 photos.Can't get a clear look of the cap eagles in the first 2 photos.
  7. Bryan I wrote that before I saw the reply to my thread which you stated you collected as a kid.
  8. Had for some time.....In the first photo it appears the sleeve insignia on the girl's arm is a communication personals qualification badge.On her lower sleeve its blurred and I am not sure.
  9. I think this is a very good posting especially for the newer collectors.Good concise information!Thank you for not bringing up the UV light,I believe to many collectors put too much reliance on them for determining fakes.
  10. Interesting array of stuff...the loose patches are great! Catch me up as I have not read all your threads here,were you already a collector while over there or did it develop afterwards?
  11. I received a package of photos and these photos were in the mix.I believe these fellows are Auxiliary Police...would any members like to weigh in?
  12. Thanks Gwar,however I have 90% of all Bender published reference books.The fact is my forte is DRB,HJ/BDM and DRK which is where the bulk of the money I have to spend on any language reference books goes.In cases like this it is better to discuss with an informed collector like yourself and get the facts.
  13. As is the case with all of Angolia's books but its about all we have in english print.
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