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    I mainly collect Civilian/Political Third Reich organizations.Been collecting from the age of 10.Regrettably I collect all thing WW2 ETO and get dirty looks from the wife all the time.Period photos are what I seem to be obsessed with at present.

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  1. Peter thank your for that incite in the Forbes article. George Orwell must be laughing and saying I told you so! It astounds me that so many humans on this planet are so weak of character that history and historical artifacts offend them.
  2. Every day is a school day in this hobby.Thanks for the follow up I was curious when you posted it.How many times have collectors dismissed the document as fake because of the no signature?
  3. The 2nd flag has an eagle over M so yes it is Naval. The 3rd flag is most commonly referred to as a podium fag/banner.
  4. Silly question,would the Marines permitted him to wear a Mason medal like he is he photo?
  5. Like I always say,everyday is a school day.Very interesting information.
  6. Bob, I was honestly gobsmacked when I first read this post.All I could type was what you saw.To some....maybe the majority of collectors,these items are merely cool stuff(am I being cynical?).These items of yours spoke volumes to me,become human not merely objects.
  7. I do not and regrettably my studies of the Strassenbahn have not yielded much info as yet.I have enhanced the cufftitles to try to read them and its just a blur.
  8. It is a surprise to me when I don't see this Badge on Strassenbahn uniforms.
  9. Hey Sarge,I put my bib on before I read this post!!!Good thing I did,that s a tough one to find and looks to be in excellent condition.
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