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  1. Would make sense since my father who sent it home was in North Africa as a combat engineer.
  2. I inherited this M35 helmet from my cousin, who actually got it from my father before I was born. Do the decals look ok? He can't remember if they were on there when he got it, or if he added them. I'm a WW1 US guy, so, HELP! lol Looks like it was repainted. Can't see any of the numbers. Thanks, John
  3. No small button under the board, so, I will pull it off. My father sent all of this home for my oldest cousin to play with! Has been in storage since he sent it home. My aunt wouldn’t let him play with any of it! My cousin turns 89 this year, so, I ended up getting it back! lol
  4. Shooting award, 6th class I think.
  5. Figure I’d post this one. The rock has loops for 3 awards, from the positioning I’d say a IC 1st, wound badge, and general assault badge. Opinions?
  6. All, I think finding an original shirt and tie for this would be next to impossible. Anyone know if/where they sell good repo’s? Have the KM dress belt for this too. Thanks, John
  7. And, don't "sweat" the sweatband being gone! I made a funny! lol
  8. Yep, WW1.... The chinstrap might be tough, but you see the side buttons come up for sale. This is a nicer than average example, with a little time, you should be able to come up with the missing parts. Over the last several years, these have done better than the stock market! lol Hope you got a good deal! John
  9. We are spring cleaning, and I found this laying around. Think it is a British "Turtle Shell" helmet. Am I correct? And does it have any value? The center has a snap that says Lift The Dot. Can't find any other markings. Thanks, John
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