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  1. All, I think finding an original shirt and tie for this would be next to impossible. Anyone know if/where they sell good repo’s? Have the KM dress belt for this too. Thanks, John
  2. And, don't "sweat" the sweatband being gone! I made a funny! lol
  3. Yep, WW1.... The chinstrap might be tough, but you see the side buttons come up for sale. This is a nicer than average example, with a little time, you should be able to come up with the missing parts. Over the last several years, these have done better than the stock market! lol Hope you got a good deal! John
  4. We are spring cleaning, and I found this laying around. Think it is a British "Turtle Shell" helmet. Am I correct? And does it have any value? The center has a snap that says Lift The Dot. Can't find any other markings. Thanks, John
  5. Another possibility. But, the boards show a promotion. There is a hole exactly in the center for one pip initially Changed to Oberst and apparently still worn. Shame there is no name in it......
  6. Thanks! Having collected US WW1 for years, I was always scared of the Third Reich stuff. Started collecting in 1958, and it was being faked then, but not the volume or quality you see today. Four things that I like the best are: 1. My dad sent it home 2. We collectors have never had our mitts on it! lol 3. He may have more of it in storage 4. Getting it for the price of a good lunch! Was this an optional item like dress blues for US Army enlisted, unless you were assigned to a special detail that required them? Thanls, John
  7. Dad used these as packing in boxes! Better than foam pellets or bubble wrap! Sent them to my oldest cousin to play with! Then again, I used to play whith the G-43 he sent home! lol I don’t do that anymore! Did shoot it years ago, was pretty accurate, but the whole gas system is a nightmare! Just got this from my cousin who is 86.
  8. Proud Kraut, Thanks! That makes perfect sense then! Most likely acquired pre 1939, and judging from the looks of it, probably not worm once the war started. They call the casino jackets? lol Gather they are scarce? Thanks, John
  9. This is another tunic that my dad sent home. Nothing added. What I can't figure is why a WW2 Infantry COL would have no WW2 awards? And, he was promoted! There is a hole in the center of each board showing he was a LTC at some point. Head scratcher here! Thoughts? Half baked opinions? lol
  10. Kinda figured that! These double decal jobs are pricey from what I’ve seen online.
  11. From what I've been told, the Bundesarkiv might have some records. I've triesd writing them (auf Deutsch) and haven't received a reply. Think the best bet might be to find a German researcher that goes to Freiburg. Might be pricey. There are those on here who probably know a lot more about this than I do. John
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