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  1. there is a market for them it is not worthless
  2. there was some hope it did but it is not a disappointment i love this uniform it will be with me for awhile . i have had it a few years now just looking for a house for my stuff then i can set him up. thank you for looking sorry for stealing the thread.
  3. someone at some time translated parts of the pay book here they are. plus a letter i have not had it translated.
  4. and the pay book. i also have one of the wound badge awards that was in the back of the pay book. unfortunately i can not remember where i put it.
  5. ok here is the visor that came with tunic. has this set always been together? i do not think we could ever 100% say yes or no. i will post pay book next
  6. There is no recipient's name and date. What's written on the upper left corner is a quote form the Bible; Proverbs, Chapter 14:34. 義は國を高くし 罪は民を辱しむ 救世軍神戸小隊 藤尾岩松 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people Salvation Army Kobe Corps Fujio Iwamatsu And the right end column is 第四囬歸還兵 the 4th returned soldier(s). There also are two typical patriotic slogans 祈武運長久 Hope Your Eternal Good Luck in Battle and 忠孝 loyalty and filial piety.
  7. when i got this tunic i felt it was a honest unmolested bring back. i will get pictures of the visor and the pay book.
  8. For Mr.Hoshino Saburo (星野三郎), on his departure to Philippine (渡比). 8 Jan 1944. Presenter was not clearly shown. Each person gave their age under their signature. Near the face a message reads; 荒熊さん元気で頑張ってきて下さい。 荒熊さん (arakuma-san) means 'Mr. harsh bear'. 元気で頑張ってきて下さい is roughly 'May you be fine and hang in there'. I suppose he was a little rugged and the face was Hoshino's portrait.
  9. 青木君 贈 山田 To Mr. Aoki, presented from Yamada. Only family name was given. 祝入団 團 is an old style for 団. Congratuations to 入団. Entering into the army was sometimes expressed as 入営. It came from 兵営 (hei-ei), army (permanent) barracks. Perhaps 入団 refers to joining the navy, because navy basic training unit was called as 海兵団 (kaiheidan). 期七世報国 Be ready to die and be born seven times for devoting your life to the nation. As a whole messages on this flag are very fanatic among flags introduced in this thread. No date is given, but he expression 大東亜戦 appears in messages. It must be pr
  10. i have purchased a few since then. translation 祝 celebrating 戦勝 victory 武運長久 may your lack in combat last forever Those were stereotyped phrase for Hinomaru presented from his friends on mobilization. 東京 松永店員一同 Tokyo, from all employees of Matsunaga. Apparently Matsunaga was the name of a firm/shop/restaurant. For example, the young son of Matsunaga's owner might went to war and the employees gave him a hinomaru.
  11. ok i got some pictures i will do a post on this uniform alone it came with visor and id book. i put the belt hooks on .
  12. thought i would share this
  13. i guess another thing is did they have stores where you could buy used clothing? base store\ army surplus\ thrift i only ask because in Sioux falls there is a air force base and the guys buy stuff from the army surplus store in town. i know some military gave the officers a allowance for clothes and the like. save some money buy nice but used? just a thought.
  14. i agree to me it is a game of clue you look at the uniform and say does certain things make sense. example bullon eagle and many ribbon bars on a em tunic is suspect. a officer tunic is different. i will try and take more pictures of my tunic.
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