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  1. I just got these images of the fusewith the gaine and the Shipping Container it goes in. There is also an image of the Type 88 Model 2 with an exploded gaine kaydees Dwight
  2. Thanks to Ed. Strazdes at Inert-Ord.Net the answer has been solved. Through research, he found out that there are four more Type 88 fuses. ED found four other “Type 88” fuzes: Type 88 Model 4 Instantaneous-Delay Fuze , 12cm &20cm Guns Type 88 Model 2 Nose Fuze, 12cm-20cm Guns Type 88 Small (Gun) Base Fuze, 15cm Guns Type 88 Small (Howitzer-Mortar) Base fuze, 12cm & 150mm howitzers These are navy fuses used on the big guns. I am still looking for an image of the fuse with the gaine. I would also like to purchase one if any members have one. These are really rare and there is no record of one being sold. Great research project. kaydees Dwight Brown
  3. Rod, I am a little confused. The date on the cab says 1941 but your link, type Weapon adoption date Type of gun used  Eighty-eight type fuze January 1964 Fifty-two caliber twelve caliber regular shots  Forty-nine caliber twelve caliber high-angle guns regular bullets  Forty-five caliber twelve caliber high-angle guns regular bullets  Forty-five caliber twelve caliber No. 4 regular bullets  Type 98 Twenty-seven high -angle guns Gun Regular Shot  Fifty Caliber High-angle Gun Regular Shot  Eighty-eight type fuze July 1964 Same as above  Eighty-eight type fuze type 2 February 1948 In addition to the above, the same as above  94 type 40 gun zero type normal bullets  40 gun zero type regular bullets  36 sixty gun zero type regular bullets  Type 88 Fuze Type 3 February 1945  Type 88 Fuze Type 4 I am not sure this is the same type of fuse that was in the shipping container. Do you have an image of the fuse??? kaydees Dwight
  4. Can anyone tell me or post an image of what goes in this Japanese WWII Fuse shipping Container?? I know the Translation on the lid says; Top row: Type 88 fuze, second version. Packing number: Toyo ARQ (the Toyo is probably short for Toyokawa, as seen below) Far left, upper vertical column of two characters: Powder. Upper band to the right of that: Type M66 Lower band to the right of that: Showa 16, second month (February 1941). Far left, lower column of two vertical characters: Fuze (primer, detonating part) Upper band to the right of that: Production date: Showa 19, 3rd month (March, 1944). Lower band to the right of that: Place of manufacture: Toyokawa Arsenal Two lines at the bottom: Caution: Do not open except for actual use or inspection. I have posted images of the Shipping Container and the last image shows a shipping container for the Type 88 Fuse with the shipping container in question. The canister is 6 3/4 inches tall and 2 3/4 inches in diameter. You can see the three wooden blocks and the felt. I want to thank any help in advance and will post again after words.
  5. Can anyone give me information on this sling and what it goes to????? Dwight Brown kaydee kaydees@embarqmail.com
  6. I got the translation thanks! kaydees
  7. Can any one help with translating this Japanese Arm Band???
  8. Bill, What do you mean "Looks Like 16 (1941)" the Kanji???? kaydees Dwight
  9. Can someone tell me what this case went to. I thought it might be a case for a tripod or something similar. kaydees
  10. deskrieg, Any idea as to what time erw these were used. Kaydees
  11. I need information on these Japanese Telescoping Flags. Any information is appreciated. kaydees
  12. Need help with translation on this Japanese 20X telescope and any other information available. Thanks in advance for any help, kaydees
  13. Mr. Queen, So together it would mean prepare Box. Still don't know if it is prep kit for Medical or Dental. I am attaching images of the inside components. The first image is a stamp on the bottom of the box. Dwight Brown
  14. I sure hope that some members would have some information on this Leather Pouch. kaydees Dwight Brown
  15. Thanks for the information. I was stationed at ft. Benning 1972 through 1974 with the 121st ASH Co. The Museum is on the Reunions list of things to do so I will not miss it. We are also going to Ft. Rucker for The Aviation Museum. First Reunion I have attended since retiring in 1988. I will also make a trip to Ranger Joe's and also the Commando Store Thanks Again, Kaydees Dwight Brown CW-4 Retired
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