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  1. I got the translation thanks! kaydees
  2. Can any one help with translating this Japanese Arm Band???
  3. Bill, What do you mean "Looks Like 16 (1941)" the Kanji???? kaydees Dwight
  4. Can someone tell me what this case went to. I thought it might be a case for a tripod or something similar. kaydees
  5. deskrieg, Any idea as to what time erw these were used. Kaydees
  6. I need information on these Japanese Telescoping Flags. Any information is appreciated. kaydees
  7. Need help with translation on this Japanese 20X telescope and any other information available. Thanks in advance for any help, kaydees
  8. Mr. Queen, So together it would mean prepare Box. Still don't know if it is prep kit for Medical or Dental. I am attaching images of the inside components. The first image is a stamp on the bottom of the box. Dwight Brown
  9. I sure hope that some members would have some information on this Leather Pouch. kaydees Dwight Brown
  10. Thanks for the information. I was stationed at ft. Benning 1972 through 1974 with the 121st ASH Co. The Museum is on the Reunions list of things to do so I will not miss it. We are also going to Ft. Rucker for The Aviation Museum. First Reunion I have attended since retiring in 1988. I will also make a trip to Ranger Joe's and also the Commando Store Thanks Again, Kaydees Dwight Brown CW-4 Retired
  11. Can anyone translate this for me????? Thanks Kaydees
  12. I am going to one of my units, 121st Assault Helicopter Company, Ft. Benning, Ga on April 28 through May 2. Is there any thing going on in that area or shops I might want to visit while I am there???? kaydees Dwight Brown [email protected]
  13. jangle, Thanks. This the first that I have seen and authentication on its origin. Are there any other Japanese Arisaka Covers the you do not see. I have seen images of plastic covers but never saw one for sale. I did not know this one was damaged and now I am glad I didn't buy it. Kaydees Dwight Brown
  14. I have never seen a Japanese Arisaka Muzzle cover in a two piece Bakelite like this one. Can anyone tell me if this one is authentic. Could not find any information on it through the web. kaydees [email protected]
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