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  1. Been a long time but found a photo of a group of guys in a assembly place in Rhodesia December 1979.
  2. Nice, good to see a legit Army shirt. Most are Rhodesia police, by far the biggest user.
  3. The grey shirt with insignia for Blue group which was one of the motorised recce units.
  4. Type 2 similar to the second type camo jacket, without padding to elbow area. the white marks are paint which was spilt on the garment years ago.
  5. Battle dress or Ike jacket style which could be buttoned on to the trousers by 2 buttons at rear.
  6. Trousers are similar to the early camouflage type, one map pocket, a first field dressing pocket on right thigh, no reinforcing on seat or knees. A single pocket to rear.
  7. This is Rhodesia’s Police Force the, -British South Africa Police or B.S.A.P. Pictured are items of Riot dress. Worn during recruit training, at firing ranges, and anti riot duties. It was the main uniform of the B Reserve who were employed guarding key areas such as bridges, townships govt. building's and stores etc. Datting from from the 1960’s, it is still worn today by the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Z.R.P. Reserve.
  8. Most of these are army or Internal Affairs(a para military protection service looking after African farming areas).from the U.D.I. Period 1965 to 1980.
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