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  1. In the first photograph with the FJ and his girl the two negatives have been overlaid and then printed onto one piece of photographic paper. Perhaps they had individual pictures taken and then wanted one of them together for him to take to the front with him? Original and interesting finds.
  2. Would have been Molotov cocktails or sticky bombs, no Piat launchers about until 1942.
  3. It appears to be a Deutsches Reichbahn badge, but I can't comment on whether it is good or not.
  4. He may have been recovered later and interred at Noyers-Pont-Maugis, as there is a Musketier Otto Friedrich buried at Block A Grave 4631.
  5. They might have been described to the US serviceman as "tank busters" by a local but they are concrete anti tank defences, used to block road, slowing down advancing enemy armour thus making them vulnerable to attack by tank hunting groups of soldiers.
  6. From the uniforms I would suggest they are French rather than British.
  7. Hope it helps put another small piece of your puzzle together.
  8. I have this for you; On 15th January 1917 one Eduard Dafferner who was born on 2nd May 1878 and was a soldier in Infanterie Regiment 185 was posted as missing. This was later amended as he had been taken prisoner by the British and spent the rest of the war as their "guest". Eduard was from Zeutern, Bruchsal.
  9. Very nice Mutterkreuz, do you have a photo of your Greatgrandmother that you can display it with?
  10. Do you have his name and home town?
  11. You have a very nice office and a very understanding Wife!
  12. Interesting tag. I see from a quick search that although he survived the war he probably lost a sibling or close relative. A Lorenz Haban from the same locality was killed on 12th August 1916.
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