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  1. Thanks for the info on the book! That's kind of what I figured it was but glad that I could get some confirmation. Here's a pic I found of him from a ceremony in 2013, he's the one on the left and looks to be wearing the same veteran's association cap that came with the grouping.
  2. Thanks for the assist in moving this thread! Actually, would you be able to move it to the Canadian Uniforms sub-forum? Thanks!
  3. Oops, just saw the Canada section and probably should have posted this there. Still new to the fourm! Mods feel free to move it there.
  4. The documents include a 1939 prayer book, a Battle of Britain memorial booklet, a Pathfinder reunion booklet from 1981, and a Douglas Horizontal and Parallel rule and USA-made protractor. What’s funny is that the prayer book has written on it that it’s to be returned when not being used! I couldn’t find a publishing date in the Battle of Britain booklet, there was some text in it stating proceeds for it go to the Air Raid Fund or something of that nature so I’m wondering if it was wartime produced.
  5. Photo of him that came with the grouping. Looks like it was taken shortly after he enlisted.
  6. Close up of his ribbons and Navigator wings.
  7. This uniform grouping belonged to Flt Lt John Robert Bower-Binns. After enlisting in 1942 he was posted to England where he served as a navigator in No. 578 squadron flying 37 missions on Halifax heavy bombers. He received his DFC in Dec 1944, it was posted in The Gazette on 8 Dec 1944. According to his obituary after VE Day he volunteered for service in the Pacific but the war ended before he could be transferred there. The grouping came with his four pocket jacket, trousers, overcoat, visor cap, side cap, a second side cap, some documents, navigation tools, and a framed photo of him. The second side cap is newer and I’m assuming was a veteran’s association-type cap. The visor cap has his name in it and “Like Hell it’s Yours” written on the inside. The jacket has a few moth nibbles and some paint stains on the left sleeve. Unfortunately while being shipped the glass frame broke with the photo, luckily the photo underneath wasn’t damaged. I’m going to keep it as is however since the damage isn’t too bad and it’s a really unique RCAF frame. The grouping also came with his sewing kit and two old razors in their cases. I forgot to take pictures of those when I had all of his stuff out. There’s still some more research I need to do on him but he definitely had some very exciting wartime service to say the least.
  8. Here's a picture of the button that sits under the waist belt as well as the button above it. I'm assuming then it's a post-war jacket. The button appears to be made of metal, but then again it's hard to tell. Either way it's the flat type.
  9. Buttons are Kings Crown, I remember that. Here's a closeup of the wings and ribbons.
  10. Thanks for the info! I did download from the National Archives the list of all DSO recipients from WWII. I've gone through some of it but not all. I don't have the jacket with me now (I live in Northern VA and it's with my wife and the rest of my collection in Norfolk VA) so I couldn't tell you off the top of my head what type of button is under the belt. For my reference what does each type of button mean as far as the age of the jacket goes?
  11. Hello all! First time poster here! I've had this uniform in my collection for awhile now and I've just recently started to try and ID who it might have belonged too. As you can see the Sqn Ldr received the DSO and DFC and served in Europe, North Africa, and Burma. They were MiD and having the Air Efficiency Medal also means they were in the Volunteer Reserve if I'm not mistaken. I figured a DSO and DFC recipient who served in all of those theaters shouldn't be terribly difficult to pin down an ID For but I've had no luck. I've searched on the Traces of War and World War II Unit Histories & Officers sites and found a few possible matches but nothing 100%. If anyone here could assist with pinning down an ID it would be greatly appreciated!
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