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  1. All I can say is, and you probably already know this, if that's the best they can do picture wise, their probably hiding something, I'd walk away..
  2. Thanks Jack the Collector, I will keeps my comments on UV light to myself.. G
  3. Nice, the first one is roughly 'Your sacrifice helps Building the Art' ? The second one is probably 'You gave the Fuhrer your yes ( vote ?) now keep your word' G
  4. So please don't fall into that trap, accept only the originals... Till next time, G
  5. When looking at the originals, the center white disk has a tight weave, the fake has holes left over from the embroidery process from the fakers.
  6. By looking we can witness the modern process and how it has a ribbing in the light.
  7. Placed in the center between known original examples is the fake, it should be easy to spot the difference in material alone, the 'Fake' is more of a Rayon-Nylon type material and not close to the original cotton.
  8. Two of the most widely encountered reproductions are 'L.S. 4' for the Lager School 4 and 'XXVIII" These have a brown background and threads that look silver...
  9. An original plate describing the new Aermelabzeichen and the tanslation.. Aermel badge of the labour service for the female youth. The symbol is pre-emanating. which we see as a new badge of the labour service for the female, youth, the design was made by the painter and graphic artist Ergon Jantke. The midfield is brown
  10. Today I would like to share with you the Aermel badge of the female labour service better known as RADwJ, RADwJ stands for Reichsarbeitsdienst der weibliche Jugend (Labor Service of the Reich for the Female Youth / German Third Reich) These were used in identifying the GAU Districts of each 'Bezirk' or group based on location by a numbering system using Roman Numerals, by the end of the war there were at least 34 Bezirks. They all have the same characteristics except the number.
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