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  1. Thanks Allan! Yet again you've come through and helped me out! Is there nothing out there in the militaria field you are not knowledgeable in? Lol. Thank you for your help! Now I just need to find someone who can translate it.
  2. Thank you so much Allan! You are always insightful and I appreciate all your help!
  3. Thank you Steve for all that information! I would never have known that it was an earlier helmet. I'm starting to think that maybe I'll add this into my collection, seeing that it is an early example. It would be amazing if I could figure out the soldier's information based on just the last name in the helmet. But it's neat enough just knowing it was worn by someone in the war.
  4. Thank you for that information! Hopefully it is Hungarian. I know a few people who might be able to read it.
  5. Here is a side view. If any more photos are needed please let me know. I greatly appreciate all the help!
  6. I've had this postcard for a few years and I've always wondered what it says. I believe it is WWI based on the picture and age, and I am pretty sure it's Russian. I do not have any friends who speak Russian or any similar dialect. It'll be great if a member can help translate the postcard and unlock the mystery. I greatly appreciate any and all help!
  7. I picked this up yesterday. I believe it's Scottish but I have no idea if it's WWI, WWII, or some other era. The tail on the cap is chewed up but the rest of the cap is in good shape. There is no badge on the cap. The black material feels like a thick velvet. There are no markings on the inside but it looks like there was once a badge seen on the side and it had two laces sewn onto the side, almost like it would have been used to tie under the chin. I would greatly appreciate any insight you all my have on this cap. If you need more pictures please let me know and I'll attach mor
  8. A guy that I know wants to buy the helmet to resell. I asked him how much it's actually worth and he told me $100 USD. I'm not well versed in these helmets but I feel like the value on this helmet is a little more than $100. Is his appraisal accurate?
  9. Is there anything wrong with it? Or is this the original paint? I heard they were painted blue, but did they field paint their helmets or anything? Thanks for the help!
  10. I focus mainly on WWII but I was at the local flea market and saw this helmet. I decided to take a gamble on it, knowing that's it's a French helmet. I would greatly appreciate any help and insight you all might have. The helmet has its original liner, but no chin strap. It has the Republique Francias badge. The paint looks legit. It has a darker paint and under it there is a dark blue. Also has the soldier's name engraved inside the lid and says "Galais". I paid $50 for it but hopefully it's worth it. I really would appreciate any information you all might have for me. Like I said, I do n
  11. I received these Japanese items from the daughter of an Americal Division veteran. I was hoping members could help identify the items and also translate them for me. I have no knowledge about any of these items. The cigarette tin has a ship etched on the top and the ink stamp says Lion in the center and has a picture of a lion too. I appreciate any input that members have regarding these items. Thank you very much and stay safe!
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