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  1. Ok thanks for the information but where was the trim if the fringe is there?
  2. About 18 inches by 20 inches plus fringe. Is it a WW2 luck flag?
  3. About 3” wing tip to wingtip. For Luftwaffe caps or breast of jacket?
  4. Made of a white plastic like material is it a tinnie for German Engineers
  5. Nobody said fake I just was surprised it showed up in a closing museum and I bought it
  6. Yes I found all that out and I found the WaA too under the lens
  7. Targeting reticule H/6400 SN 428731 any idea on date of mfg? WaA may be there but will clean first. Just regular Army? Not E/M so not KM and I picked them up for 40.00
  8. Looked at by Bill Shea and War relics pages. This has crisp lines unlike the fake
  9. Actually a mint original from a museum and it was donated by a veterans family in an old bag with other items in a drawer for 75 years. Berlin Connecticut historical society museum has it
  10. It was from a museum in Connecticut but were they souvenirs For GIs or really for German/Italian axis?
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