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  1. Sure does look that way! Thank you Mikie. Just need to find someone who owns the gun and wants the bayonet to go with it.
  2. Just watched it, very informative. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. Great to know. I wonder if the bayonet was made by the same maker as the gun. I see no markings on it. Thanks for checking worthpoint. Who could say about the value, I guess the person with the gun would really be the one to want it.
  4. Wow! Thank Bob, who would have known. I stumbled upon it at a flea market over the weekend and liked the feel. Since I never saw one before I bought it. Kudo's to member qed4 for knowing what it is.
  5. I've looked at it very closely and there may be a trace where the rune meets the body but if it is there it is faint at best.
  6. Thank you very much. I could not find it in any of my books probably because it was only experimental. I will do some more research now that you have identified it for me. Thanks again!
  7. Got this brass DJ buckle from a friend who believes it to be real. I cannot find it in any of my books. Body and rune appear to be brass, Any thoughts?
  8. If you don't mind , what are the dimensions?
  9. Thanks for sharing, I've never seen one. Very nice.
  10. That is a beauty! A real keeper.
  11. Thank you, hoping someone knows what it is. I wonder if it goes on a sub-machine gun?
  12. Hello , just picked up this bayonet at a flea market and have searched the internet with no success . Was wondering if anyone knows what is goes on and what Country. It has a heavy solid metal handle. It measures 11 3/8" long overall and has a 6 1/2" inch blade. Blade is blued and double edge. Handle is painted an OD green. I see no markings on it. Thank you, Capt. Case
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