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  1. If there are truly no markings present, wouldn't that lead one to believe that it might be an M40/M52?
  2. What a neat piece to have in ones collection. You don't see these come along everyday.
  3. I don't recall if it was on the WAF or Warrelics forum.
  4. Definitely a fake, as discussed on another forum board.
  5. Cheers Sarge. Yes, I've had to narrow my collecting field greatly as I've gotten older, and my collecting space has "mysteriously" dwindled.😉
  6. Hello all, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Michael, from Dallas, TX. I'm now living in Knoxville, TN. I've been a collector of militaria for over forty years. All eras, but concentrating now mostly on WW1 and WW2 as well as the U. S. Civil and Crimean wars. I look forward to exchanging knowledge and ideas with everyone.
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