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  1. Hi there everyone, first post on the forum. Here what I have is what I’m quite sure an original ww2 Swedish m-26 helmet. The liner looks right and a hole in one of the liner pads reveals some kind of hair, maybe horse? There is a faint ‘Made in Sweden’ stamp on one of the three liner pieces. Is there any way someone can for sure tell if this is ww2 and or give info on what to spot in the future to easily identify it as ww2? Much thanks
  2. Thanks Sarge. Jack the collector, yes I suppose. Just thought i should name myself “that” ww1 pigeon, being ironic that there were many thousands upon thousands of them in the war.
  3. Hi there, the names Elliot. Although I am young I have a big interest in collecting items from both world wars and any country. My main interest is that of the First World War. I find a fascination for trench warfare and everything that goes on around it. Hoping to learn a lot.
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