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  1. Lots of very young faces in these images. A couple of photos were not showing up but I was able to retrieve them (I hope).
  2. She was able to write cursive English in 1946 Japan: I would imagine she was not an ordinary woman for that time and place.
  3. We are still tweaking the settings: this is a total remake of the forum software we first started using in 2006 and we've had to absorb a lot of new stuff.
  4. To me it looks like something actually made to be a flag as opposed to a good luck hinomaru carried folded up in a pocket.
  5. The Chinese would not have used a Christian cross for an official medal - that'd be like putting Buddah on a US medal - but I could see something like this being given to a Mason on occupation duty and the medal would have been worn once: when it was presented in a non-military ceremony.
  6. That's a good shot. Were there Chinese masons in the 1940's?
  7. And they will automatically resize depending on your screen size.
  8. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum.
  9. I don't think the Chinese would have used a Maltese cross for a medal. To me it looks a lot like the Masonic Knights Templar Order of Malta membership medal, which I have found in many veteran's groupings, even though it has no military connection.
  10. Thought this might be of use to someone someday:
  11. The photos appear to be tinted black and white photos that were printed as half-tone images, not photos. These were then glued into the book, what book publishers call " tipped-in. In the back of the book was this:
  12. This 1935 German book is called "Unsere Reichsmarine Bilder aus dem Leben der Matrosen" which seems to translate as "Our Reichsmarine - pictures from the life of the sailors." It has 56 pages of glued-in color images with text in German. The cover has some damages but the insides seem to be in pretty good condition. It was apparently released just before the Riechsmarine became the Kriegsmarine in 1935.
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