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  1. it's an older couple and the wife got these from a family friend who she said was an NCO aid to Eisenhower when he went to Berchtesgaden in 1945 - it's clear that taking photos is not something they've mastered - but we know veteran's stories often got twisted around by the family.
  2. Someone has offered me items brought home from WWII. One is an AH monogrammed serving tray made by Wellner. I've looked around online and found nothing about fakes. Can that be true, a TR category that has not been counterfeited? Any thoughts based on the small photos they texted me?
  3. Outside pretty much everyone's area: I thought it was for serving food.
  4. This was used on a 1933 Packard V-12 owned by a Staff Sgt. and his wife in 1948 and 1949. Two websites say this style of plate was issued 1946-48, but the Sgt. wrote on the back of the plates that he used them into 1949. There is a company that makes reproductions of these with custom numbers.
  5. It is quite different than the usual militaria that comes in the door.
  6. That sounds better: it didn't quite look like silk, but the few references to the cloth that I've found call it silk. When I saw this it looked quite interesting but had no price on it (California estate sales are usually tag sales, not auctions). I asked the estate sale lady "What is it and what's the price?" She replied, "I don't know." I said, "How about ten bucks?" and she was good with that. Once I figured out it was a shield and not a bowl, I found a lot of images of these online and no two look alike and 99% of them have little or no fabric. Knowing how textile
  7. Picked this up at an estate sale without having a clue as to what it is. My best guess was a Japanese bowl or tray - or maybe Chinese. But why would a bowl have a fabric lining? It took me a few hours of intense searching to learn that it is a shield sometimes called an ISLAMIC INDO PERSIAN DHAL SHIELD, a "SIPAR." The backside of the shield has a fragile fabric covering and four iron rings to attach cords used to hold the shield. The fabric is padded in the center in order to protect your knuckles from getting busted. I believe the fabric is silk: I looked at a lot o
  8. The last time I tried to sell one on ebay they blocked it and displayed a page telling me how to return it to Japan -
  9. This has a label on it saying it's a WWII training grenade - but it has no marks. Could they have been painted over?
  10. I believe those are the US M-43 goggles as shown here: https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1377-goggles-protective-eyewear-of-wwii/
  11. With our recent major software upgrade we have vast improvements in displaying and storing photos.
  12. This is for the Austen Mk II which was produced too late for WWII service: it was adopted AND declared obsolete at the same time. It has the bayonet lug which the Mk I did not:: Here's a video about the Austen SMG - it's from the Royal Armouries National Firearms Centre collection but they don't have the bayonet.
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