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  1. You mean the left one, "S 2"? It seems to be "hochrot" (red). For sure not to indicate any (non existing) Artillery sub units. IF it should be red it would more likely a company color (Prussian color sequence). Maybe for the 2nd or the MG Company? I have to do some more research on that. Would be good to know if copper brown could fade to red? I really don´t know it.
  2. Hi Bill, please post your new visor in the "TR Cloth Headgear" section when it has arrived.
  3. I haven´t seen this one before. Very nice gun position, Manny!
  4. Thanks very much for these additional informations, Sarge! Thanks also for the confimation on the correct wear of the medals. I have learned a lot again!
  5. Very nice Hauptfeldwebel / Spiess uniform! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Very cool indeed, thanks for sharing!
  7. Artillery - SEHR GUT! In the 80´s these Verlinden diorama booklets were our ne plus ultra modeling literature. I remember several Artillery dios including a M107 one called "Big Shot" and a M109 in sandbag gun position, both VN related. Can´t wait to see your´s soon now that you have finished the F-105.
  8. I did some research on this unit and found out that it was formed of elements of Schuetzen-Regiment 2 among other units. Interestingly there was a single pointed (elder) Schulterklappe of a Schuetzen-Regiment 2 Unteroffizier with the grouping. Obviously Herr Unteroffizier served in both units.
  9. Sarge, I really appreciate that you are sharing your knowledge here! I´m adding another uniform that was donated anonymously so I do not have any further informations of the soldier. It´s a Waffenrock, Unteroffizier, Kavallerie Schuetzen-Regiment 4. The uniform came with the Schirmmuetze and some more insignia. In accordance with the topic´s theme I`m posting some close-ups of the stiched medal loops. I would like to ask if the wear of the Kriegsverdienstkreuz and 4-years service Dienstmedaille are correct this way? Please let me know your thoughts about this uniform.
  10. Sarge, thanks very much for your info on the Artillerie uniform. I at least noticed the rather unprofessional stiching on the eagle as well when taking the close-ups. Thanks!
  11. This mess kit looks very similar to the German ones, thanks for sharing!
  12. Wake is right, Bundeswehr "Kampfanzug jagdmeliert" called "Filzlaus" trousers.
  13. Great topic. If you don´t mind I´m adding some pictures of an Artillerie Oberleutnant (1st Lt.) uniform. Nothing spectacular, all comments are welcome.
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