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  1. Thanks very much for this hint, Gil. I haven´t thought of the Phillipine origin yet. I found this pocket hanger several years ago at a local flea market in a box among tons of colored and subdued worn 8th InfDiv SSI, "US ARMY" and name tags.
  2. It will be not easy to find out who he was. "Albrecht" is a very, very common surname over here in Germany (one of the top 100 I think).
  3. This is our first pinned topic in the WMF modeling section. It´s a perfect tutorial how to build an excellent dio step by step. Thanks Manny!
  4. IDed No. 3 by chance. Watched a car video on YT and saw the insignia on a modern Polish Traffic Police car.
  5. Thanks very much for these additional pictures, amazing. One day I´ll visit your museum....
  6. Wonderfull, thanks for sharing another uniform gem! Could you please post a close-up of the dagger.
  7. Excellent dio Manny! You did a superb job on the houses and the small garden, they are a perfect background for the advancing vehicles. According to the "Race" title a very dynamic and realistic street scene. That´s how a perfect dio should look like. WELL DONE!
  8. I guess these are rare as hen´s teeth; congratulations!
  9. HA, you did it again! Nice haul and great to see that all these ceramic grenades suvived the war and the last decades.
  10. Very nice Waffenrock. I would like to add that according to regulations the shooting award (Schuetzenschnur) should be attached the following way: Upper portion attached to a small button under the right epaulette close to the sleeve seem. Bottom portion attached to the second front button from above. No red flag here. I once got a similar uniform with a Schuetzenschnur attached the same way to the uniform by the veteran´s family members.
  11. Two more 1/35 scale Miniart models that scream for a dio . Miniart has already released a German tank repair crew. (photos from the Miniart-modeling website)
  12. Looks good, can' t wait to see how you do the weathering.
  13. Hello & welcome to the WMF!
  14. Welcome Alain, would be great to see some of your French Air Force insignia here!
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