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  1. In 1948 a Finno-Soviet cooperation and assistance treaty was signed by both nations. During the cold war they had a rather close relationship. Maybe some kind of treaty anniversary pin?
  2. Gil, I´m sure it was rather the shepard than the Polizist the GI´s responded to. I have seen these shepards in action, it was quite impressive, lol.
  3. Great, the more race participants the better! P.S.: Please don´t forget to post the dio base WIP pictures since we do not have any such tutorial over here yet!
  4. Close ups of the remote contolled Goliath mini tanks. One with 2cm gun (with 4 magazines) and one with MG42.
  5. The beast and it´s close protection Goliaths painted with black primer.
  6. Too late (I didn´t like the extented magazines either). They were replaced by 3 magazine containers with 6 magazines on each side. Looks much better and we have increased the 2cm ammo from 160 to 240 rounds. Thanks again for the hint!
  7. Good point, Gil! The mazines can´t be changed out during a firefight, that´s why I extended the 20 rounds magazines to 40 rounds magazines. Of course overall 160 x 2cm rounds are still not too much. Larger drum magazines would be nice, I will think about it again...
  8. As you can see the kit needed lots of putty and sanding. Top view.
  9. Left weapon station with 7,5 cm gun and twin-barelled 2 cm gun & right weapon station with multiple rocket launcher and 2 cm twin-barrelled gun.
  10. Thanks Manny, meanwhile the KaiserKaefer is ready to learn to walk.The interior painting isn´t complete yet.
  11. Sarge, an extraordinary police ensemble from my home region, thanks very much for sharing!
  12. Excellent work so far Manny. I would love to see step-by-step how you do the base for this dio . Lars
  13. 1st leg completed. Fortunately they are maneuverable, that´s important for one scene of the dio.
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