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  1. Close but no Cigar..... 7/10 · Scored 70% Result: Not bad! You recognize a lot of important details Nice Quiz John
  2. Port Direction Badge (Direction Du Port a Mururoa) http://copainsdavant.linternaute.com/e/direction-du-port-492284
  3. 2nd Image of the grouping - 4th Indian Division "Red Eagles" artillery unit - Battery NCO's in the Western Desert circa 1943 prior to the Italian Campaign
  4. Reloaded detail of second image - The new software really works well on the original large files, but the smaller detail images are about the same. Have to fiddle with the editing a bit to see how to enhance those but overall a very nice upgrade to the WMF & USMF
  5. Reloaded photo with the new forum software which auto adjusts the images for enhanced viewing of the details
  6. No, I don't know which RAD Abetilung he was with and this is the only information I have on his service. Full Sterbebild below
  7. Aloha Everyone, This was among the mementos of a USN sailor who served in the Mediterranean (1942-1944, Oran, Algeria, Sicily, etc) on a repair vessel. I sold off his uniforms, photographs and other items but kept the bar as it had an interesting mix of ribbons including the italo-German campaign ribbon (Afrika Korps) Left to Right: Iron Cross 2nd Class, War Merit Cross 2nd Class w/swords, Eastern Front medal, Romanian Crusade Against Communism, Italo-German Campaign The bar was unattributed and there was no story with it so I separated it from the USN gro
  8. Very nice information on the RAD insignia, thanks for starting this topic Sterbebild of one of my Bavarian Cousins serving as a Vormann in the RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst - Reich Labor Service) wearing the Mutzenabzeichen
  9. From another member - Thoughts? I played around with this one for quite some time, but I think I have it. ISHAANDEN is Danish for "Ice Hand" which is used to say "my hands are freezing." So, The patch is a mixture of Danish and Latin- "Hand of ice through difficulties to the scrotum." I would say this probably isn't a US patch, but some sort of joke from the Danish contingent to somewhere damned cold. Korea? The Arctic? The South Pole?
  10. Very nice Rich, Is the silver pin a commemorative piece or something else.
  11. Thanks Bob, I just looked that one up, it would be the 509th Composite Group, yes?
  12. Unk No. 6 - 3"h x 2"w Search and Rescue Pelican patch
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