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  1. I know that it is original. My question stands: Where was this discussed and said to be a fake?
  2. Looks original to me. Where was this discussed and said to be fake?
  3. Very nice Sarge! I have always had a soft spot for these little mausers.
  4. Very impressive Paul!!! That grouping is incredible!
  5. Beautiful items and presentation!
  6. It is a very nice piece Sarge. Generally only the finish deteriorates over time. A light coating of vaseline will keep the badge from getting the dreaded white zinc pest.
  7. The latest train of thought on these is that they are an unknown maker. Since Frank's book more research has been done and the link to Biedermann has not been proven. Anyway, your badge is a nice original!
  8. Very nice! I always liked the look of this style hat.
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