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  1. I was going to say the kanji looked Japanese to me too, beyond that I do not have an answer for you unfortunately. Impressive piece though, can't imagine they are too common.
  2. Very interesting discussion. Saipan I think is a battle that is under collected by many in the hobby, finding things relating to it seem particularly difficult, in my own opinion.
  3. Really cool displays! Keep posting, you can never have too many photos of a good collection.
  4. The title says it all, you collect so how about sharing your collecting with all of us here at the forum? Feel free to start a thread to showcase your personal collection, and that way you can post updates as you gain new additions.
  5. Always enjoy seeing this coat, thank you for sharing it.
  6. Very interesting project Lars, and informative to learn about your grandfather. The model is looking great!
  7. That is sad news and a loss to the hobby. The book was certainly a good one, and deserves a place on the collector's bookshelf.
  8. Very interesting, thank you for sharing it with us.
  9. Hi everyone, Since most of you are also members of sister-site US Militaria Forum (USMF), I wanted to let you know that we are aware of the errors and have our people working on them this very moment.
  10. Paul Scarlata wrote a pretty nice little book on the Gewehr 88 "Commission" rifles several years ago.
  11. Kind of looks like Czech or Polish style uniforms. Yes, the rifles look like gewehr 98 models.
  12. It's funny, I was about to say that it could be a variation on a TT-33 holster, and then it popped into my mind that this is Swedish. It is funny what you remember!
  13. Fantastic thread, you guys are pushing me ever closer to collecting SSI.
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