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  1. Mike- I can't remember what is on the ends, will check tomorrow when I am back at office.
  2. I have had a few people buy stuff from him and then come show us for opinions. When we are done pointing out what is wrong with each piece they are not usually very happy.
  3. After seeing Mike's great tiger flags, I had to find this sennabarri to post.
  4. So things are running pretty smoothly so far, so we have started the move of the USMF to this new server also.
  5. Found out it is: Lapel pin of Fascist General Confederation of Italian Industry created in the 1923 exist more different type; this with the small eagle is commerce.
  6. Can anyone identify this Facists lapel pin? Also, are there any good Italian insignia reference books or websites? Thank you in advance for any info. Bob
  7. I saw the post Sarge started and it made me go find this rare cup. This is an Army Kamikaze Pilot's sake cup for the night before the mission. It is supposedly for when the boys took a drink out of the cup, with the female image inside, they became a man. On the side is the stylized Army Kamikaze star. You will see this type of star of most anything Army Kamikaze related. One of my favorite cups.
  8. The top left is Cavalry, the top right is an army infantry unit. I am sure someone else can give you exact translations, but none are Kamikazee. If I can find mine, I will post it.
  9. Vietnam Republic Of Korea Tiger Division Commanding General's Flag. Super heavy duty canvas like background with thick machine embroidered design. When we bought this originally the seller ( who is a Mod here) had almost narrowed down the who, what's and where's of the history. Has been well used, and I personally have never seen another ROK Commander's unit flag from Vietnam.
  10. Your post should be visible now.
  11. WWII patriotic flag. You see lots of photos with Japanese waving these as trains pass with soldiers on them.
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