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    USSF uniforms, headgear, and equipment. ANY Central American war militaria. US captured items from interventions/operations post Viet-Nam. Viet-Nam era militaria. Southern African Border War militaria. Communist/Marxist liberation organization militaria. OEF/OIF militaria.

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  1. Thank you. Captured flags from Africa are not common.
  2. This is a captured flag of Mozambique. This one was from the Marxist FRELIMO (Frente de Libertação de Moçambique ) run government of Mozambique and was used between April 1975 and August 1983 only. Flag is well worn and has numerous tears. Judging from the construction, I would say this flag is probably one of the earlier made pieces. Note how they have incorporated a Chinese AK47 (spike bayonet) into their national symbol.
  3. Another set of Afghan woodlands. These are the poorest quality I have ever seen before. I highly doubt these would last more than a few times in the field. With that being said, this is a maker I didn't have in my collection. From the research I have done, this company also made boots for the Afghan Army as well. I am also including a link to an article about the company and the contract they had for making boots for the Afghan military. Link: https://nationalpost.com/news/101162
  4. Great looking flag. These were used from January 1991 until August of 2004. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks, O, Had been on my "holy grail" list for years.
  6. Rare FDN COE patches. COE stands for Comandos Operacionales Especiales.
  7. These are original FDN (Fuerza Democrática Nicaragüense) Contra subdued patches and a rare pin. The Contras were the anti-Communist group that fought the Sandanista Government in Nicaragua in the 1980s.
  8. Very rarely do I get the chance to add something rare to the collection these days, but occasionally I do find something that I've been after for years. This is a used patch and a used neckerchief from the El Salvador Cuscatlan Battalion. From August 2003 until January 2009, these soldiers were part of the coalition in Iraq. From pictures, I have found, the Cuscatlan used both a olive drab and a desert tan version in Iraq.
  9. This is a US made (99 contract date) woodland BDU that has been modified in Afghanistan for the Afghan Commandos. This one has sleeve pockets with zippers added and also has a pen holders added to the sleeve. I am including a picture of some Commandos wearing their patches at the same angle as seen on the fading on my pockets.
  10. Quarantining does have some advantages as it affords me a little more time to photograph some of the collection. This is a set of the Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF) digital camouflage uniform. The APPF provides protection for the people, infrastructure, facilities, and construction projects. Apparently, there is web gear in this pattern as well.
  11. I have been after one of these Soviet era berets for quite some time and was able to add one to the collection last weekend for a good price. This is a Soviet era MVD Special Forces beret for an Officer. It seems to be a higher quality, so I am thinking this may be an Officer's quality beret. This one has a brown border as opposed to the more commonly seen black vinyl border.
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