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    USSF uniforms, headgear, and equipment. ANY Central American war militaria. US captured items from interventions/operations post Viet-Nam. Viet-Nam era militaria. Southern African Border War militaria. Communist/Marxist liberation organization militaria. OEF/OIF militaria.

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  1. Such a great and informative thread. Thank you!
  2. Very rare as the attrition rate was very high due to heavy usage in the early days of the war.
  3. Pictures of the jacket in use at a Nicaraguan military academy.
  4. After a 3 month wait due to COVID-19, my package from Russia arrived today. Very obscure piece here as it is a current jacket from the Nicaraguan Army. Patch indicates it is from a military academy or school. Seeing how it came from Russia, I am betting a bring back from a Russian advisor or from when a Nicaraguan soldier attended a Russian military school.
  5. After a lengthy wait, I was finally got one of my "holy grail" items in yesterday. A used set of Afghan Northern Alliance Lizard camo set and a new lizard M-65. These were used very early on and not many survived.
  6. Honduran 2nd Airborne Battalion duck hunter beret and cap from the mid 80s time period.
  7. ANCOP ( Afghan National Civil Order Police) camo uniform. ANCOP patches were from another purchase and are the plastic versions. ANCOP's mission is to provide civil order presence patrols, prevent violent public incidents, and provide crisis and anti-terror response in urban and metropolitan environments.[1] Like the Afghan Border Police, ANCOP is a branch of the Afghan National Police (ANP), under the nation's Ministry of Interior Affairs. However, both units, ANCOP and Border Police are planned to be transferred[2] to the Defense Ministry. Link: https://en.wikipedia
  8. Here is an article about the Afghan Commando AIDO program. Link: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/56006/aido-commandos-ready-inform-afghan-populace
  9. CAMP MOREHEAD, AFGHANISTAN 08.31.2010 Photo by Tech. Sgt. Gloria Wilson NATO Special Operations Component Command-Afghanistan Subscribe57 A U.S. Army Special Operations soldier confirms that Kabul's Commando Radio is broadcasting off the right frequency, 95.1 FM, at Camp Morehead Aug. 31. The radio station, which has taken steps to increase popularity, listenership, and effectiveness, is an important asset for disseminating information to Afghan people.
  10. Photo By Master Sgt. Gloria Wilson | Two U.S. Army soldiers move antennas during the move of Camp Morehead's Commando radio station to its new facility Aug. 31. In addition to a physical move, the radio station installed new equipment that increased coverage in Kabul from 25 percent to 100 percent. The expansion of coverage allows the radio station to reach more people with music, Commando updates, and important news.
  11. It isn't every day that I get to add something obscure to the collection, but today two items arrived that I consider to be in that category. I'm sure some of you saw these for sale on Ebay. I was the only bidder on both items and I think that may have been because people didn't know what they were From what I understand, the toy Afghan Commando soldier and the stocking cap/toboggan were items that were given out to civilians by the Afghan Commando AIDO (Afghan Information Dissemination Operations) as a way to ingratiate themselves into the hearts of the local populace.
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