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Recently joined the group. Went to the. WW. I museum in K.C. It is a must see for anyone history buff or not. I spoke with a docent



about a spectacular Imperial Russian aviators uniform that recently surfaced in Europe

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Welcome retread,


Here is a niece overall view of the WWI Museum & Memorial in Kansas City. They are located just above the KC Union train station and at the end of the streetcar line. Currently they are bathing the eternal flame tower in images of poppies at night to remember the 11-11-18 Armistice that effectively ended the Great War.


This museum has an outstanding collection of uniforms. They encompass uniforms from all sides of the conflict along with background information on who wore them and how they were acquired by the museum. I recall going to a special showing of uniforms a couple of years ago that included one from Paul von Hindenburg.


A really outstanding museum to visit while in Kansas City.


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Here's a thread I wrote in 2011 on the National WWI Museum.




I've been back since then and have a lot more to add. It truly is a world class museum.


These photos were from an exhibit from a couple of years ago about the German soldier.





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I absolutely love that museum. There is so much there. Do they still have one of Hindenburg's uniforms displayed? There was also a room that had tons of US WWI uniforms, which was another favorite. Obviously, the artillery and Aircraft were just world class.


The volunteers are very knowledgeable-I want to go back there in the fall.


On another note, when I was a kid growing up in St. Louis, there used to be a Restaurant (I think by Lambert Field) that was like a WWI trench with sand bagged walls and everything. Inside was all sorts of WWI items from every side. Out front was a WWI airplane and I believe a car or something. I don't know whatever happened to it.


If you get another chance, visit the Museum of Transportation. It is mostly trains, but there is some real neat War stuff there also.

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I don't know if Hindenburg's uniform is still on display or not. Of course they rotate their items. The glass room of various US WWI unit uniforms is still on display and i think they have a special display of women's uniforms out now.


I have been to the Army Museum of Transportation and as you say it is great. Lots of huge items like railway cars, boats and landing craft, etc. Also, some great horse drawn and motorized WWI vehicles.

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