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WW2 German Aircraft cut panel

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I have a chance to buy this and it looks good to me but Im far from an expert. It is $250 which isnt a huge gamble but the owner said he bought it in a Red Cross auction and no history came with it. Guy said they called it a commerative piece but they knew nothing and he thought it was just neat so he bought it. This guy doesnt know military for sure.

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It does have a great look to it. But, I'll bet it isn't WW II vintage painting. The reverse shows paint similar to what US military aircraft have on interior surfaces. Likely real "aircraft" experts could determine what aircraft it came from. Possibly scrapped out US aircraft.

But for $250, great Man Cave item!


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If someone was going to fake something like this (or to be more generous, create a 'decorative item'), why wouldn't they do the full cross? There also appears to be a "Red 1" aircraft identification marking to the side, also only partly visible. You could make a "commemorative" item with markings a lot more interesting than this fragment. The very randomness of it suggests it's authenticity.

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I personally don't have a warm fuzzy about it. 70 year old aluminum typically looks 70 years old. Oxidation will form causing the aluminum to dull, and I don't see it here. It could have come from a plane that was painted to look like a German aircraft, even possibly one of those 4/5 scale homebuilts. Just my gut feeling.



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