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Canada Gold WWI Service Medal

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Markdale, Ont. Canada WWI Service medal named to Corp. A. H. Noble. This is a 10k gold medal of four piece construction consisting of a crowned city coat of arms and a curved ribbon with “CANADA” mounted on a beaver top cross which, in turn, is mounted on a maple leaf wreath. The reverse of the cross part is inscribed “PRESENTED TO CPL A. H. NOBLE BY THE CITIZENS OF MARKDALE FOR GALLANT SERVICES IN THE GREAT WAR 1914-18”. The man’s name and city name are engraved. The medal is 40.5 x 46.3mm in size and weighs 13.12 grams.




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Neat! I have never seen one of those before.



In Memory Of......Pte Harold Griffiths, 1805, 1/6th Manchester Regt, KIA June 4th, 1915 in Gallipoli and Cpl Isaac Judges, 40494, 6th East Yorkshire Regt, KIA October 3rd, 1917 in Ypres........May they rest in peace.....

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