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International Miilitary Antiques- Anyone Done Business?

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Saw their showroom and warehouse on Pawn Stars. Wow! I could spend a month in there. Has anyone on the forum been there or done business with them? Lots of high-priced items on their website.

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I picked up a couple rifles from them during the height of their Nepal cache sale. They are good except you really have to read closely to their descriptions. I don't know about now, but they would leave out some key info on the country of origin of some of their rifles. What you thought was a British made gun could turn out to be either Nepalese made or a combo of whatever they put together. Overall, I am happy with what I got; a British Model 1840 percussion and a Martini Enfield. This was like over 10 years ago A later "bargain" gun I got was simply garbage and I simply tossed it.



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