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Looking for help with Ancestry's World Records... WWI German that moved to the USA and knew my family

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A friend and I exchanged texts about former enemies that settled near us after he showed me a photo that a friend of his turned up of a WWI German that came to the US and lived about a half hour away. I brought up a family aquaintance that lived near to us. My dad knew him, as he died lond before I came around. Said he told a few stories, and had lost a pinky finger to an Allied rifle bullet that went through his rifle. "I bite him off, spit out, pick up new rifle, go on fighting. Ach, but no more" I was told he'd say. So I looked him up and found his US "Old Man's" draft card.


A while back, a US member found some basic info for me, but I think I found him in the German WWI casualty lists. I wondered if anyone could look into that for me. I already have Ancestry and Fold3, but really can't afford the extra $100 for the internation ancestry account. I believe his name before he came over was Friedrich. Last name was Hampp. Middle name was Wilhelm. I'd like to know basic unit info and wound date, if possible.


Many thanks in any event.

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