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Tibbits autograph!

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Many famous people used to go to military shows and draw a good size crowd!


Got many autographs from pilots,MOH winners! sailors from Indy,Bismarck etc!


Most are gone now! SOS always has super quests!



Tibbits was one I got to meet and because of history,very glad I did!



Anybody have something to show!




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Yes I remember Van Kirk and others at shows!


My first autograph shown here is book signed!


Here is envelope!




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Super cool! Not exactly military, but Sis and I do fan mail to many people we like, and were happy to be doing it when some of the classic era performers were still living. We also collect old sheet music (to play mostly, some for the covers) and we got many of them signed by performers who were on the cover - Joan Fontaine, Ann Blyth, Jane Powell, Tony Martin, etc. Some of my autograph highlights ---- Deanna Durbin (my first ever, sent for when we were about 13), Joan Sutherland (my second, and so cool!), Luise Rainer (got it when she was 100 years old!), opera soprano Renata Tebaldi (didn't get this in person - went to an estate sale of an amateur singer and she had been a huge Tebaldi fan - hundreds of LPS of her, etc. - and in a stack of opera librettos I got from a cupboard, one was signed by Tebaldi!).


My military autograph prize . . . I have three letters written by my GGUncle from while he was serving in Germany in 1947. -grin- So amazing!


My military autograph dream . . . Wish I had a real thing written by my GGGUncle who was KIA in the USAAF in WWII.


Non-relative autograph wish - WWII US pilot Lucian K. Wernick.

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I wrote to darn near every general,Admiral,space astronaut,ship and sub,airbase,medal of Honor



I got the west point,naval,airforce academy books that had address etc!


And I got reply froms hundreds! They sent patches,helmets.pics autographed!


Nobody was to busy to send stuff!


In the 1980s it cost a quarter to send letter! Most ships or subs had public relation




I even wrote the Whitehouse people and they all sent pics and autographs!


Colin Powell, and all the folks sent things right before and during Iraq war!


They were happy to send personal cards etc!


Space and moons walkers!



It was a great period! One day I got a helmet from a Admiral pilot!





I bought large group from band person who died and had autographed pics of the greats of the 1960's!


He played with so many and all he had to do was leave a request in their room and they signed!


Dean Martin,Jerry Lewis,Billie Holiday!,Louie Armstrong, I mean the top folks of Vegas!



So much fun collecting stuff! Glad to see Stratafan you like so much different areas!








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That's cool! We got John Glenn to autograph his autobiography (which we loved!). I tried and tried for astronaut Mike Collins, but never succeeded. He is my all-time favorite astronaut! Was I excited to see the Google Doodle that he narrated just recently for the Moon Walk anniversary!

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I bought this coffee mug from Gen. Tibbits in the mid 80s when he was doing his book tour. He was set up outside a book store in the mall in Muncie, IN and when I was there, no one else was there. I knew he was coming and had made a couple of prints from a USAF negative I had purchased a few years prior. It was when he working on testing a new bomber (I think the B-47) and the negative came from an Air Force Vet who had served with him. I bought his book and a couple of photos he had for sale and the mug, and then showed him the photos I printed and asked if he remembered the guy. He said he did. I gave him one of the photos and asked him if he would autograph the other for me and he did. I probably have the only signed photo of Tibbits with that bomber. As it turned out, the AF pilot who had worked on the bomber program that I had the photo from had been a partner of Tibbits when he started the company Executive Jet Aviation. He had also been a technical advisor on the Jimmy Stewart film, Strategic Air Command. And, in his book there was nearly a whole chapter about Executive Jet Aviation and Lassiter! Last time I saw him was at the Show of Shows in Louisville, KY. We were actually answering the call of nature at the same time.





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I have had the good fortune to meet General Tibbets twice. The first time was at one of my Father-In-Law's 490th Bomb Group reunions, where he was the the key note speaker for the dinner. The second time was at the Reading PA Air Show. I do also have his autographed book. Great man. Not sure if you all know but when he passed away he had no wake, no funeral and he is buried in an unmarked grave. He did not want his grave site to become a mecca for anti-nuclear protests.

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