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NAZ-7M Droplines

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Does anyone have any information on how the various droplines for the NAZ-7M, Komar-2M, battery, and raft fit together and how they are packed in the 7M case.  It seems there are 3 or 4 separate pieces that are looped together.  I think I may have all the pieces, but I am not sure how they all go together.  A clear picture or two would e a big help!

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Didnt know you collected Russian survival gear as well as US.   There is so little info out there on the Russian stuff.  I have a 7M bag myself that was a bring back from OIF,  being an export model it has English writing on it vs normal Russian.  Came with some other long orange drogue parachute looking thing I have no idea what it is, and Ive looked up the model number online to find nothing.   Both pieces were said to have been pulled out from an ejection seat of a Russian made jet in Iraq.

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