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Frank Smith

Can anyone help me with identifying this wing? WWII Iraq

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Can anyone help me to identify this wing?  I acquired it in a box of other military insignia, but couldn't ID it.  I think it's Commonwealth, but don't know the country, age, or value.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Frank  



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Hi Frank,,

What you have here is an Iraqi half wing that looks like it dates to the WWII era. I believe that this is an aircrew wing, with pilots having wings on both sides of the insignia. The British had a major presence in Iraq through the WWII era, so Iraqi uniforms and insignia definitely have that "Commonwealth" look to them.


I was going to reference the wing for you, but could only find the image of one on another militaria site.- https://gmic.co.uk/topic/44784-iraqi-air-force-parches-from-kingdom39s-era-to-republican39s-era/





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