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Found this neat photo of a P-51. There appears to a C-47 behind it and a C-54 in the background. 


Am thinking it now belongs to a South American Country. Argentina? Tail # 476156


There is another winged logo below the canopy, but it is pretty faint in the photo.  Possible ID what country it flew for? 



2020-08-02_231226 - Copy (2).jpg

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Countries south of the US border with national flags with 3 vertical bars as shown would be Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.

I can't quite make out the roundel insignia under the wing but if it is a white star within a circle with a dot in the middle, it's probably Guatemalan.


1648616750_PeruAFroundel.jpg.e5aa60b79f28c8a41d02fcd557b512d1.jpg   Peru



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