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Fake WW2 Hungarian Master Paratrooper Badge on eBay

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Since there are already 29 bids at $236.83 with five days to go I thought I would warn forum members not to bid on this piece as it is a copy.  It does not match known original badges a few of which have surfaced over the years.  The odds of locating a real one is very low due to what I've read that only 23 were ever issued.  






s-l1600 (1).jpg

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The bidding on this badge ended recently with 35 bids amongst 8 collectors.  The ending price was $335.00.  I have attached an older article regarding these fakes that were produced in Hungary.  They initially had bogus hallmarks which it would appear they stopped using and are producing them without any hallmarks like the one pictured above.





Hungary - Fake Article - A.jpg

Hungary - Fake Article - B.jpg

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