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Help with Scottish cap

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I picked this up yesterday. I believe it's Scottish but I have no idea if it's WWI, WWII, or some other era. The tail on the cap is chewed up but the rest of the cap is in good shape. There is no badge on the cap. The black material feels like a thick velvet. There are no markings on the inside but it looks like there was once a badge seen on the side and it had two laces sewn onto the side, almost like it would have been used to tie under the chin. 


I would greatly appreciate any insight you all my have on this cap.  If you need more pictures please let me know and I'll attach more. Thanks again in advance!




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This is a Glengarry bonnet, but this one is not military. The Glengarry is a traditional Scottish cap that goes back centuries. Military examples of the cap will have a knit band and will be "diced" meaning that they will sport a checkboard type pattern. Military caps are also made of wool, where this one is made of velvet. Based on the lack of a sweatband, I would guess that it was probably made to be worn by a lady as a fashion item.


Glengarry bonnets worn by civilians will normally have the clan tartan used around the base of the cap. While the plaid on the cap above is full of interesting colors, it does not resemble any of the tartan patterns that I am familiar with.


Military Glengarry bonnets will have one of the Scottish Regimental badges on the side. Civilian dress will normally have a clan coat of arms affixed.



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