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Italian made German NSDAP flag banner

Bob Hudson

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So far I have found only three references to these online: 66 x 39 inch banners stamped with a seal for MUNICIPIO DI NAPOLI – ECONOMATO” (Town Hall of Naples – Treasurer).


There are four ties in nice condition. 


The banner had a large hole cut in the center and the circle with the swastika was sewn into that. 











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  • Bob Hudson changed the title to Italian made German NSDAP flag banner

I have found some more info on these at https://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/forum/wehrmacht-uniforms-and-equipment/flag-pennant-and-standarte-forum/281630-nsdap-flag-most-unusual-i-have-seen-italy-marked-disk-is-sewn-in-hole-in-field?t=281426 


One writer said this is a flag, not a banner, and that Italians had long used ties to attach flags to poles.


"Even more coveted Italian Army unit flags also tie to their
trooping pole, rather than being nailed to same as the Nazi
unit flags were done. Use of flag ties may indicated that the 
pole was more important than the flag cloth itself, an ancient
Roman military tradition "



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