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Austria - Hungary 1906 medal


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Military sea and land maneuvers in South Dalmatia 1906.
The inscription in German: ‚‚Zur Erinnerung A.D. grosse Kaiser See und Land Manöver in Sud Dalmatien 1906‚‚‚
(‚‚ In memory of great Kaiser sea and land maneuvers in South Dalmatia 1906 ‚‚)
The same text in Croatian.
Gilded bronze.
Cannot find it anywhere online to compare. There was one postcard in Dorotheum, Vienna, commemorating maneuvers and that was all to be found. It cannot be very rare having in mind it was given to everybody who participated. On the other hand the fact that makes it scarce is ‚‚south Dalmatia‚‚ which means Bocche di Cattaro, which is today Montenegro.




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