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Belgian Denison type Smock, Moon and Balls pattern.


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A Belgian Denison type Airborne Smock in Belgian 'Moon and Balls Pattern' camouflage; there is no label but it does have stamped numbering on the inside below the collar line. I believe it is a size 8. There is a repair to one lower pocket; the 'tail' has been removed. The zip is in keeping with other smocks of this type that I have. The camouflage is the Belgian 'Moon and Balls Pattern' which was first introduced in 1952, though the inner pockets are of the Belgian 'Brushstroke Pattern' which was also introduced in 1952. The difference between the two is quite noticeable, the 'Moon and Balls' has a more distinct edge to the colour blocks as well as a saw-tooth feature repeated in the pattern; overall a more curvy/globular design. The material is a tightly woven thin cotton, ventile like I think. This smock, interestingly, has 7 snaps at the neckline for a hood; all the other smocks I have seen that have hood snaps only have 5; I have not seen a 7 snap hood.





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