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Austrian Helmet Model 75 ( Motorcyclist )

Mark K

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Denomination : Model 75 "Stahlhelm" Type 1... these helmets were 1'st manufactured in 1975 and seen distribution to the Bundesheer shortly thereafter and were used in to the early 2000's this particular example is dated to March of 1976 and was produced by Heinrich Ulbrichts Witwe...

The helmet bodies weigh in at approximately 1260 grams and are manufactured from non magnetic magnesium steel and are painted at the factory in a matt khaki green ( "braungrau" ), the chin strap is of the type 1'st introduced for the Model 58 helmet in 1969 and is constructed of 2 centimetre wide green webbing take note of the two buckles in the side image of the helmet below the bottom buckle has an open end double slit the purpose for this is two fold it acts as a quick release strap and allows the wearer to utilize what is referred to as the loose fit option were as the top buckle is intended for tight fit with a closed loop buckle...

Point of interest this Model 75 is sporting the not often seen under helmet retaining clips which can be seen in the images below these are spot welded to the helmet body just behind the chinstrap lugs these are constructed of spring steel and apply pressure to the sides and bottom edge of the liner to help assist in any unexpected separation of the liner and the helmet body...

The liner in this particular examples was especially designed to accommodate Motorcyclist and consists of extra padding added to the interior of the liner under the webbing and cradle and a protective heavy padded thick leather neck and ear flap assembly complete with claw and buckle fastening system...

This is all topped off with a set of Austrian produced safety goggles for wind and dust they have as well incorporated a tinted sun shield to cut down on the glare ( Schutzbrille, Sonne, Wind und Staub, Kunststoff ) with a period correct Austrian brown cord 2mm camouflage net...


Regards Mark












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