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Reproduction Bandenkampfabzeichen


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I thought I would share this reproduction Anti-Partisan Badge (Bandenkampfabzeichen).  This is a highly detailed die stamped pin back brass badge but the maker is unknown.  It consists of a slightly rotated sword with swastika piercing a nest of snakes with a skull and crossed bones at the bottom of the oval badge which is surrounded by oak leaves.  The back has a coke bottle shaped flat pin with a squared C shaped catch.  There are no markings on the badge. 


This badge was instituted on 30 January 1944 but first awarded on 30 January 1945.  It came in three classes of bronze, silver, and gold for 20, 50, & 150 days in combat.  All branches of the Wehrmacht could receive this badge in the late stages of the war.  


The more reproductions a collector sees the better judgement as to originality one can make.



Partisan badge.JPG

Partisan badge snakes.JPG

Partisan badge pin.JPG

Partisan badge hinge assembly.JPG

Partisan badge hinge.JPG

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