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Rare opportunity to visit the Ft. Benning Armor & Cavalry Museum


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From the Museum:


In 2018, before we had our new buildings, we started an open house program to allow access to a small part (36 vehicles and guns) of the Armor Collection so that we could share the Armor Branch history and mission with its Soldiers and as well visiting members of the public. The program continued to grow in 2019 but was then curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic and then the move of the Collection across Fort Benning to our new facility. Over the last two years the staff has been extremely busy in conducting this move while still supporting training and education of U.S. Army Soldiers and Civilians, and there is still much more work before we are finished.

However, today we are happy to announce we are at a point that we can begin to restart the open house program. Instead of a small selection of the collection, our primary building with over 190 pieces of Armor history will be on display. Our first event will be on 17 December to mark the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge and the start of the holiday block leave period here at Fort Benning. This will be an early access experience, as there is still much work to be done with displays and signage.

Visitors wishing to attend must meet Fort Benning access requirements (possession of a valid U.S. Department of Defense ID or Fort Benning visitors pass). Additional information on access can be found at: https://home.army.mil/.../index.php/About-Us/gates-visitors .

Can't make it? Don't worry! Our next open house will be held on 29-30 April to celebrate out 75th birthday and to recognize the start of the Gainey Cup Competition! We also plan additional dates for 2023 and will announce those in the coming weeks.




The collection includes a selection of the German and Foreign armor that used to be part of the Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.



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After seeing your post I watched a "High Speed Tour" video on YT. What a stunning collection, would love to see it live one day.

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