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Goodmorning guys.


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Hi everybody, i'm an enthusiast collector about militaria, focused on Border War.

I'm here to expand my knowledge with all the material present here...and ready to contribute if possible.





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On 12/15/2022 at 4:16 PM, Preppy Picker said:

Kico, welcome to the forum. Which border war do you collect?



Hi Preppy, Angola - South Africa

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Preppy Picker
1 hour ago, Kico said:

Hi Preppy, Angola - South Africa

Very interesting looking forward to your participation.

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jamie Washington

Hello Everyone,


I have been world war two collector but i have recently found myself taking more of an interest in the Ukraine War. 

I have been following the Ukraine war and a friend of mine recently bought a Russian helmet off ebay from the Ukraine war with the hopes that it will go up in price in the future.


Ukrainians are selling items labelled as Ukraine war trophy which are usually items from dead Russian soldiers or wagner pmc. They use this money to support their families or to support the Ukraine Military.


I reckon some of these items could reach thousands in a few years time, eg Wagner PMC army patch, that will be seen as the equivalent to a nazi sign in the future


What do you think?


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