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Prussian Ring Pommel Sword


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I picked up an Imperial Prussian ring pommel sword at a local militaria show over the weekend that I thought I would show.  This brass P-guard variation sword was made for mounted officers and has a ring on the top of the pommel.  This sword is an interesting variation and it is shown in the pre-WWI WK&C catalog as a, "Cavalry and Artillery Officer's Sword with ring".  My sword has a brass hilt with a ring on the pommel along with a black painted scabbard with a single suspension ring.  The grip is sharkskin and the blade is nickel plated and is marked, "M. Neumann Hoflieferant Berlin" on the spine  of the plain blade.  


A scarce variation sword in nice condition.  



Prussian ring pommel sword.JPG

Prussian ring pommel drag.JPG

Prussian ring pommel hilt.JPG

Prussian ring pommel back.JPG

Prussian ring pommel.JPG

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