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Nasjonal Samling Collection

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Posted 07 September 2019 - 04:40 PM

This is the Rikshird mark, it was awarded to members of the Rikshird for unknown criteria. While the criteria I have not been able to figure out, it is believed that this badge was awarded to only about 20% of active Hirdsmen (1300 out of 5000). The RIkshird badge was gold, with the recipient's number on the rear...either engraved or stamped, such as this one. It is usually believes that the badge was made and number engraved prior to being awarded, but that doesn't explain the stamped badges, as the numbers would have had to be stamped prior to the enamel being applied. One theory is the stamped pieces were replacements, or duplicates for wear, etc. The gold finish on these stamped ones, made by David Anderson, tend to rub off, as you can see on this badge.


It is also believed that these may have been the early ones, and then recipients could submit a certain amount of sterling to have a higher quality one produced, but not everyone was keen on melting down heirlooms.


Sadly, no surviving roster has been found to identify recipients of these badges by the number.


The Undhird (youth organization) also had such badges, with silver for teenagers and bronze for preteens. Unnumbered originals, likely later war unissued examples, do exist


Many unanswered questions remain about this badge, but it is a very rare badge to find!

fgfdgh (3).jpg

fgfdgh (1).jpg



Badge in wear by Thorvald Thronsen in his Rikshird uniform...



Badge in wear by a Norwegian volunteer in the SS...


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Posted 07 September 2019 - 05:36 PM

Membership pin of the NSKO, or Nasjonal Samling Kamporganisasjon (Battle Organization). This was a group established in 1934 and membership invites were limited to only the most active party members. All members had to swear a 7-point oath to Vidkun Quisling, and capped at around 4000 members in 1945. I haven't found out much about the organization itself, but I have found that this badge was numbered and issued with a book. The roster of recipients is still in existence, but it's extremely tough to get the list, the few who have it protect it out of a paranoia that fakers will use it for evil. I have not been able to acquire the list myself, but someone did share the entry for this pin.


This is a lower numbered pin to a member named Sverre, who was a troop leader in the Unhirden (youth Hird) in Oslo and joined the NSKO in February 1937. Here is the badge I managed to pick up:

fgfdgh (4).jpg

hgfhfghfg (2).jpg

hgfhfghfg (1).jpg


Unfortunately, I can't make out his last name. If anyone can, please let me know. Here is the name in the entry:

20190901_182503 (1).jpg


As stated earlier, the pin was accompanied with a member book, with the number written inside. This is not my book, nor is it the one for the pin, I am just posting it for reference. Photo was obtained here: http://ailsby-collec...ot.com/2013/10/



And finally, here is a badge in wear by Jonas Lie in his politi uniform. He was the Minister of Police...



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