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  2. My main point is that like other Forums, it is best to post photos directly to your thread, otherwise it is just wasted bandwidth, no one like to see this when researching..
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  4. Boy Howdy

    Cuban Guards Badges. A real mystery....

    OK. Thank you.
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  6. Personally no, i wouldn't focus on something i'm not sure about and have no info on it
  7. Boy Howdy

    Cuban Guards Badges. A real mystery....

    Pride, Even though these were never issued do you think it would be a good idea to purchase a few more? The price is very reasonable.
  8. If you happen to take note of the exact time of my Posting, perhaps you will see that this item was very much an active sale item when initially tendered. Hey, I tried. IIRC, I Posted it here at approximately 09:10 +/-, & I can a see you it was very much available for purchase, although I knew full well it certainly wouldn't last long !! Best, dpast32
  9. You do realize that by posting a 'Link' when the sale is over this thread will useless, as a researcher, I feel these type of posts are a waste of time if pictures and pertinent information are not provided. Description : HIMMLER-SIGNED DOCUMENT NAMED TO KEY 3rd REICH SS-VT PERSONALITY: copiously filled out SS internal file document with genuine blue ink Himmler signature. Without question this signature is genuine period....under a strong class you can easily discern how the ink has feathered into the paper stock. This is a bureaucratic and administrative internal document recommending the elevation of SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Josef Witiska, a known Holocaust war criminal (Einsatzgruppe H in Slovakia). Document is copiously filled out and I can furnish you the general details. It's double-sided and folded at center so when open it's 11x16" and all four pages are filled out with typed details, signatures and notations, ink stamps. Note the typed notation just above Himmler's signature, 'In Vertretung', which translates to 'In place of'. In other words, Himmler signed this document rather than Der Reichsminister des Innern (The National Minister of the Interior) Meissner. The heading on this document is out of Meissner's office, but given the importance of this document, Himmler intervened and approved it. Document was issued out of 'Berlin 25 Juni 1942' and recommends the administrative advancement of Dr. Josef Witiska with title at top 'Vorschlag zur Erennung' (Proposal for appointment to a position). This would have been a essentially pay raise as it elevated Witiska from Regierungsrats to Oberregierungsrat. Note too the typed notation above Himmeler's signature "Die Parteikanzei hat Einwendungen gegen die Ernennung nicht erhoben" (translates roughly to='This application for promotion remains unopposed by the party's leadership'....in other words, no one in the NSDAP objected to this application. The large '16.Juli 1942' dated ink stamp at lower left is out of Meissner's office (he's the guy who headed the Ministry of the Interior Department and often signed such promotion documents) and pretty much confirms that the application for Witiska's promotion had been received, a cover letter had been generated and that a file for this procedure was created. Inside pages detail all of Witiska's personal information (birthplace and date, his education -- he was a lawyer/doctorate degree -- his career in law enforcement from 1920-1942. Last page has typed details confirming his 'Frontkampfer' WWI veteran's status, his NSDAP party number '6289103' (which is confirmed by separate documentation from the internet that we will furnish) and his rank at the time 'SS-Sturmbannfuhrer im SD des RFSS' (Sicherheitsdienst des Reichfuhrer-SS). EXC++++
  10. Fortunes Of War

    Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet

    While I wait for my single decal, 1940 Luftwaffe helmet to arrive, I decided to post some images of my Luftwaffe Single Decal Paratrooper Helmet. It's an M38 pattern with pretty good paint remaining. The Luftwaffe eagle is a second model/pattern and is in very good condition. The harness assembly is the first pattern with friction buckle and early style spanner bolts. The interior is complete with its pattern liner, aluminum band and post 1940 black rubber padding; the leather is a bit dry as you can see from the image.
  11. Recently got a couple of these RK postcards which were popular collectibles during WW II. Here´s the first one, Hauptmann Baér. He was a Luftwaffe flying ace with 215 air victories. Please feel free to add your RK postcards.
  12. Some great intro-level to medium-level of knowledge and detail is in the Martin Brayley books. Relatively inexpensive books with good pictures and nice descriptions of personal kit. Terry
  13. Outtair

    Austrian OTF Paratrooper Knife

    This is an Out The Front Knife I got at a garage sale, the seller was a young man who said his father had served in the Austrian Army. He had lots of cold weather gear that I picked up also. There are no marking on the knife. Any help with identification would be appreciated. Tim
  14. Gents, I picked up a nice pair of un-issued VWP Leutnant shoulder boards at a local Kansas City Military Collectors Club (KCMCC) militaria show this weekend that I thought I would show. I noticed them sitting in a riker case mis-labeled as Army Reserve Artillery Lieutenant boards. These are a pair of the early Verwaltungspolizei boards with red nebenfarbe before this color was removed to show only the grey backing color. It pays to look closely in those stacks of riker mounts. Below is an example of the active service VWP officer tunic that these subdued boards would have been worn on.
  15. Outtair

    Unknown county or era paratrooper wing: Belgian

    This is another beret which I guess to be Belgian with unknown paratrooper patch. It is marked ABL Cofabeba 1975 and has the owners name, Vilain, written in. I have owned for over 25 years, I know no history on this one was a gun show pickup. Any information and identification would be welcome. Tim
  16. Outtair


    This beret I got from Johnathan Pittaway, SAS Rhodesia, in 2005. When he was selling items to write his book. It is ABL Cofabeba marked and dated 1966. The pin appears to be unmarked, I have not removed as it only has thin wire pins that are crossed over and are underneath the square protector pad on the inside. It has been sitting on my beret display for years and figure I would share and welcome any comments and information. Tim Tim
  17. Please be advised that I have nothing whatsoever to do with this Document's sale, I just felt it might be of interest to many of you here. SEE LINK: https://www.blackcrossmilitaria.com/Online-Catalog/German-Collectibles?product_id=17287
  18. Boy Howdy

    Cuban Guards Badges. A real mystery....

    ¡La agonía de la derrota! LOL
  19. Hello, unfortunately i can confirm that we have no evidence that this badge was ever used in the Cuban armed forces. I also confirm that there is no connection between the air base, its name and the badge mentioned
  20. Boy Howdy

    Cuban Guards Badges. A real mystery....

    Found this on line. Only mention of a Guards unit in Cuba I've ever seen. "2nd Guards Aviation Brigade Girón Beach[edit] The Playa Girón Guard Aviation Brigade, based in San Antonio de los Baños, is an elite unit of the DAAFAR. The San Antonio de los Baños air base was built at the end of the Second World War. In 1976, the unit stationed that received the current name of the Playa Girón Guards Aviation Brigade. In April 1961, was responsible for the defense of Cuba during the Bay of Pigs Invasion.[13] Among its notable members was Cuban cosmonaut Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez. It is a recipient of the Antonio Maceo Order, which was awarded to it in 2014 on its 55th anniversary.[14] In October 2019, the regiment called for the immediate release of former Brazilian President and leader of the Workers Party, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.[15]"
  21. Last week
  22. I picked this up this morning at the local military show. It looks to be unmarked except for "GERMANY" on the blade. Nothing on the back strap or sides. Any help pinning down the knifes age will be greatly appreciated.
  23. RRA227

    Italian Naval Officer Sword

    Nice sword. Rich A. in Pa.
  24. Tony v

    Italian Naval Officer Sword

    SARGE Congratulations that is a beautiful sword ! Thank you for the posting Tony
  25. SARGE

    Italian Naval Officer Sword

    Gents, I picked up a nice Italian Navy Officer sword at a local Kansas City Military Collectors Club (KCMCC) militaria show on Saturday that I thought I would show. This Fascist period Naval Officer sword was complete with all the proper accouterments shown. The excellent plated straight blade is extensively etched with naval motifs including a fouled anchor but has no maker markings. The undamaged black leather scabbard has a rear sewn seam with gilt brass fittings. The top throat fitting has a single suspension ring on the edge and an applied fouled anchor on the obverse. The reverse has a stud that engages a hole in the folding guard on the back of the hilt to secure the blade in the scabbard. The center fitting is etched and embossed with another edge mounted suspension ring for the hangers. The bottom gilt brass fitting is similarly etched and embossed and has another small fouled anchor on the obverse. There is a rudimentary drag. The sword hilt has a white sharkskin grip that has six rows of wrapped brass wire. The pommel is a rendition of a crowned lion with his mane forming decoration for the back strap. The gilt D shaped guard has a fouled anchor as its central motif which in turn is surrounded by waves. The end of the guard is a rendition of an eagle head and the back of the guard has a swivel section with a hole to engage the stud on the scabbard throat. The hangers are typical Italian adjustable officer sword hangers rendered in gold bullion with blue accent stripes. The ends of the straps have gilt brass buckles that secure a loop for the snap ring that attaches to the suspension rings on the scabbard. This bullion hanger attaches to the belt with another snap ring. Hanging from this snap ring is a regain hook at the end of an open three section chain hanger, each containing a square knot. The sword knot is again a typical gilt wire Italian sword knot with blue highlights. The sword knot has a round strap with two slides in the middle of the strap and a bullion stem and crown. The ball is gilt bullion work without blue highlights. I was happy to find this complete Naval sword at this small show.
  26. Fortunes Of War


    Best of luck in picking up a "Kriegs Kamo"! Please post, if/when....
  27. SARGE

    Free Dagger Today, I'm ecstatic

    It looks like your SA dagger was made by M 7/29 = Klittermann & Moog, Haan bei Solingen.
  28. Paddyd00


    Yes they did. They are some of the most elusive lids to find. I may have one in the works. Had some slip through my fingers through the years. I’ll keep you posted. This was my first Camo and only to date. I have all “textbooks” but I love these! Z
  29. Paddyd00


    haha. Great story. But $50 bux a lot do a kid. Especially for an old army helmet. Thanks for sharing and post up the Luft when it arrives! Z
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