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  2. ArtyScout

    "Awaiting Orders"

    I was struggling on what to call my next diorama. So as to NOT offend anyone I settled on the title above. I have three Panther A's (2 from Tamiya & 1 from Italeri). Two have zimmerit paste but all three are attached to the Panzer Lehr Division on June 6, 1944 in Normandy just east of Caen. Although it should be a simple vignette, I expect to have plenty of figures for this one to compliment the Panthers. I am in the process of putting on individual track links and then I'll get to the painting and the putting together of this diorama. Here are some WIP pics. Enjoy and as always all commen
  3. Garandrew

    M16 used in WW2?

    Thanks I’ve been researching it too and I’d expect it was in German use
  4. Bob Hudson

    M16 used in WW2?

    Figured it out: French GONON 41 knife - this site says they were used by Germans in WWII. https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/269790-ww1-french-fighting-knife/
  5. Bob Hudson

    M16 used in WW2?

    What country produced those?
  6. Garandrew

    M16 used in WW2?

    Were these captured by the Germans for WW2 or obsolete?
  7. ehrentitle

    DDR Collector Introduction

    Thanks again, great to be here.
  8. Last week
  9. Kia kaha

    Medical Canteen

    Excellent, were these used by Cavalry As well?
  10. Proud Kraut

    Medical Canteen

    Seems to be complete and in very good condition, nice find!
  11. Proud Kraut

    Who Tows Wins

    Lots of work to do in the house so not much time for modeling last week. Before I´ll start the final assembly the Scammell received a coat of primer.
  12. Kia kaha

    Helmets of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe

    These helmets all seem to come from Rhodesian S.A.S. Sources, here’s one from http://www.therhodesiansas.com/clothing-and-equipment/ same type of glued cover, unit tailor made from old camo uniforms, same yellow paint issue numbers inside. This has British HSAT chin straps. The same pattern riveted bails with rivet heads exposed through the cover.
  13. MattS

    RCAF wedge cap stamp help

    Thanks, it's a small collection. This is my only RCAF visor:
  14. Souval put their wartime L/58 number on some of their post war products, why is anyone's guess. Those are definitely post war pieces though. The bent wire rivets and weird catches are unlike any original wartime example and are classic post war Souval. These post war Souval pieces do have some value as compared to an outright fake, but a fraction of what a true original commands. I also don't believe Souval actually made these two badge types during the war. They included them in their post war "line" by either creating the dies or repurposing those of another maker. Hope that helps...
  15. I have this tab which I believe may be what the title suggests. I don't know much about it, I don't really know if it is real or even if they were usually made in bullion. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. 24thinfantry

    Complete WWII Australian REME uniform

    Actually I was just looking at the pants. Written on the inside pocket there is a name and number. The writing is very light and difficult to read. If there is a way to make the writing show up better I would love to hear. Thanks again!
  17. This is my very first Australian uniform. Based on the research I have done it is from the electrical and mechanical engineers. I have the hat, jacket, shirt and pants. Sadly I cannot locate a name unless I overlooked it. I would love to have more information about the REME. I mainly collect WWII US with some axis items but I know very little about British and Commonwealth. Thanks for looking and for any help!
  18. Ranger44

    RCAF wedge cap stamp help

    Both the hat and badge look good. Nice additions for your collection.
  19. stratasfan

    UPDATED: Website Work In Progress

    Just an update . . . You may notice some things moving around over the next couple of days! Most of this is temporary, as we are working on some things around the software, so please just hang in there as the construction forges ahead a bit more for a while! Certainly keep using the forum and posting! Nothing we are doing will affect your posts or posting ability! Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!
  20. Out of curiosity, if the same manufacturer possibly made both of these post war then why would one be hallmarked and the other not? Thanks for the above info. For cost reference I will surf the internet for these comparables. For now, I have seen the prices all over the map.
  21. Nice box, that really adds history to an otherwise plain water bottle.
  22. Both badges appear to be post WWII Rudolph Souval pieces. Souval was an Austrian firm that made decorations during the TR period, but also re struck them after the war for collectors etc. The "tells" are the bent wire rivets and the odd catches. ps-the mark is probably L/58
  23. Sadly this water bottle was destroyed by the USPS by the time it got to me.
  24. Just saw this, thanks Eric!
  25. Thanks, to be honest it probably hasn't seen the light of day since I posted it.
  26. 63cagedfalcon

    Canadian Bars

    Thanks, Neighbor stopped by yesterday & said he found more medals & that I need to go by his house. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  27. Now that is a find! Well done! -Ski
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