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  2. Rod

    ID tag

    Congrats on your second tag Robin. It seems to be from the 53rd Infantry Regiment, 17th Division (says "Walk" 53 on right side although it's difficult to see in the photo). The center column says "Walk" (infantry) unable to read the middle character, which is likely an abbreviation for the company commander's name. Below that is the character for Chu, meaning chutai or company. Right side is 39 (something), soldier's personal number. This tag seems to be theater made sometime before 1941, the 17th Division was in China for most of the war including during the period th
  3. Today
  4. Hi everyone I acquired this 9mm holster, stamped 24 July 1979 inside. Most likely from the bush wars in South Africa or Rhodesia. It looks like the Pattern 73 South African holster, but without the eye hole at the bottom, and in two-tone. Any help IDing this will be appreciated. Regards Lefty
  5. ScottG


    Very cool and seldom seen. Thanks Hughes! Scott
  6. robinb

    ID tag

    Got my second ID tag today. Steel construction.
  7. Skysoldier80

    COBI Brick Tank Model Madness

    We (my son And I) have some Cobi kits. They are very affordable and are 1/35 scale which are compatible with Lego mini figures. I use do to be struck Brickmania, but there stuff is overly priced and do no hold hold as nice as Cobi Blocks. Use Lego mini figures with Cobi Blocks. We have a bunch of Cobi kits; especially like their ships, Worl of Tanks kits, and WWI kits. They are better built than Brickmania and kids can play wi try them. If you get a chance, buy their planes. We just got the Memphis Belle kit. I am currently working on replacing all guns with Brickarms guns a
  8. gwb123

    COBI Brick Tank Model Madness

    And a few more views.
  9. gwb123

    COBI Brick Tank Model Madness

    My latest project... an M3 Gun Motor Carriage. I couldn't resist the markings on this one. This might be a compliment to their current Afrika Korps theme for their German models.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hello Michael- Thank you for the positive comments on the book. Hopefully after reading the book, no one will look at Asian tiger iconography through the same lens. There is certainly more to the subject than meets the eye.
  12. This is a great review which I totally agree with. I’m taking my time going through my copy and although only a bit of the way into it I have seen the value of being able to focus on this particular aspect of these flags, allowing it to build on the more broad (but still very informative) information provided by your first book. Congratulations 👏🏻.
  13. The Working  Dead

    WW 2 German Goffel?

  14. AB45

    WW 2 German Goffel?

    Wehrmacht, Manufacturer unknown
  15. I am pleased to note that John-Adams Graf, publisher of the Military Trader, has posted this recent review of my book, Battle Carried: Imperial Japanese Tiger Art Good Luck Flags of World War Two. I am grateful to John for his in depth review of the book, and for everything that he does in promoting our hobby. Michael Bortner https://www.militarytrader.com/militaria-collecting-101/book-review-battle-carried
  16. SARGE

    WW2 german feuerwehr tunic?

    Hello Hans, Your tunic appears to be a re-styled WWII Volunteer Fire Department (FFW) tunic from what I can see. Originally made with the four panel "Rock" cut back with a box tail skirt and polished buttons as seen on the back belt ramp buttons. The front has been re-styled from a closed collar eight button front into an open collar tunic with a three button front. Typical of the German ethos to "waste not - want not" but to rework old uniforms into new style ones. So, bottom line is that your uniform is now a reworked postwar fire service tunic. I h
  17. Fortunes Of War

    Japanese Patriotic Paper Weight

    This nicely detailed paperweight shows a Japanese Army soldier focused and firing his machine gun. The star on his helmet is clearly visible as are different pieces of his equipment.
  18. Last week
  19. Englandmj7

    George H Farmer ID Bracelet Clarity

    Thanks for the advice, will do!
  20. Proud Kraut

    George H Farmer ID Bracelet Clarity

    Hello & welcome to the WMF! If this is an U.S. bracelet I would recommend to start a similar research at our sister forum, the U.S. Miltaria Forum: https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ We have an Individual & Unit Research section over there as well: https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/88-individual-and-unit-research/
  21. First time poster, long time forum reader! I picked up this ID bracelet and am hoping to get some clarity on my poor research abilities. I thought the insignia on the front was an aviator badge, but in searching for George H Farmer's name and ID number it seems he was in the US Army Medical Administrative Corps. The info I found also shows a different enlistment date of 11/17/42 where the bracelet says 4/3/43. Any thoughts on correct history of this veteran?
  22. Proud Kraut

    RADwJ ID and War service Citation.

    Outstanding documents, thanks for sharing!
  23. Mr.Jerry

    Restoring German WWII Helmet - Suggestions welcome!

    acetone and q-tips works well for removing paint an should leave any original (baked on) paint behind.
  24. Fortunes Of War

    Yosegaki journal flag.

    Michael- I would agree with your assessment. This flag was probably obtained in the field, following some kind of engagement. Some of the stains present would seem to indicate that the flag saw action on the battlefield.
  25. Mikemike88

    Hello from Northern Ireland

    Thank you 😊
  26. MilitaryMuseum

    Order of Lenin 1948 Issue

    Hello, What are yall's thoughts on this Lenin Order? This is one I want to be sure on before I purchase Thanks John
  27. The Battle of Jutland is the most famous sea battles of World War One and perhaps one of the most famous battles of the whole war. However, for many years after the battle there was a great mystery. It was that of what truly happened to HMS Black Prince. For a long time the HMS Black Prince was assumed to be sunk by a German Submarine because the last wireless signal to the British fleet from the Black Prince was a report of a submarine sighting at about 20:45. However, historians now hold the German account of the ships sinking. During the night action of the battle the HM
  28. This 1914-15 star belonged to private James Veitch of the Otago Regiment. While his regiment saw action at Gallipoli, he did not. It was not until 1916 when he would first see service in France as a replacement for the Otago Regiment. Records vary but it is listed that he was wounded sometime in November of 1917 while serving in France. He was discharged shortly there after as being “no longer physically fit for war service on account of wounds received in action”
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