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  2. Mr. Bushido

    Japanese sword with owners name

    Those letters are the name of the sword's craftsman It is written as "大道" and is pronounced as "Dai-Dō". This is a type of pseudonym, and is said to have been used by multiple people. I'm not a sword expert, so I couldn't identify the craftsman. However, the Japanese website below posted a similar sword, so I would like to share it with you for reference. https://kako.nipponto.co.jp/swords3/KT326179.htm
  3. ric123

    Japanese sword with owners name

    I found to more marks on the other side of the tang
  4. Interesting subject. Always looking to learn new things. And this thread fills the bill. Thanks! mikie
  5. Mr. Bushido

    Japanese sword with owners name

    I was able to read the two Kanji characters thanks to the clever photo you posted. The meaning was "July【七月】". My prediction was wrong and these letters were the month of manufacture.
  6. The infamous Walther Reder when in the Totenkopf Division, he later transfers to the 16.SS-Panzergrenadier-Division Reichsführer-SS in Italy.
  7. ric123

    Japanese sword with owners name

    ok I tried to more shots hopefully it works sorry I am noy good with photos
  8. patches

    Former Indian POWs in England 1945

    Kia kaha Yes I know, they may not be in Egypt, and are certainly not POWs. I posted the photo to show the unit wore Slouch Hats as the two POWs back in England are wearing the Slouch Hats. A very unique artifact you have there in the Assegai by the way, thanks for posting it.
  9. Mr. Bushido

    Japanese sword with owners name

    Thank you very much. I was able to partially decipher it. The characters engraved on the item seem to indicate the year of manufacture and the maker, as in many examples. From what I see, it appears to have been manufactured in 1943(Shōwa 18【昭和十八年】). However, since the letters are unclear, there is a possibility that it was manufactured in 1941(Shōwa 16【昭和十六年】). On the other hand, I couldn't read anything about the creator. Can you take a photo of each of the two Kanji characters marked "■" in the photo? I apologize for asking again, but please think about it.
  10. ric123

    Japanese sword with owners name

    my photo skills are awful! I tried a little baking powder
  11. Yesterday
  12. Mr. Bushido

    Japanese sword with owners name

    Can you post the letters in the first picture more clearly? If possible, please make sure that the photos of the characters are not reflected. Perhaps we can identify the author and others.
  13. ric123

    Japanese sword with owners name

    I was able to get the handle off with out messing up the cloth cover here are pics. From these pics can you tell me anything about the sword maker? value? Also I my need some help putting the guard pieces back in the right order
  14. Nice. If I would see this I would buy it. Rich A. in Pa.
  15. Arkaidiyh

    Rheinland-Pfalz Police

  16. Arkaidiyh

    DDR Forst Uniform

    Yet another rare find. The acorn rank pips are priceless. Who knew?! Thanks for posting!
  17. Arkaidiyh

    East German Grenzschutz Uniforms

    Thank you for sharing your phenomenal collection and encyclopedic knowledge of DDR Grenztruppen topics. Truly mind-boggling. I'm certain most of us had no clue so many of these earlier types of uniforms even existed. My head is still spinning! Thank you!!
  18. I don't specialize in NVA / VC stuff but have accumulated a few items I apparently couldn't resist over the years.
  19. Sorry for the late response but I just joined the forum this month. I've been advised that the first set of shoulder boards are war time issued police boards. As you can see they are cloth and pretty ratty from wear. The second set are post war Army Lt boards of pastic with a thin fabric covering.
  20. Arkaidiyh

    VC Pith Helmet Badge

    Nice find! Sorry for the late response but I just joined the forum this month. Your hat / pith helmet badge appears to be an original National Liberation Front (Viet Cong) badge. There were clearly variations in style over time but I'd say you've got the real deal there.
  21. Simple early impact fuze with no apparent safety features except the creep spring. It may have incorporated a safety wire to hold the striker in place as there are small holes bored opposite each other in the fuze head and the diagram shows a small hole in the striker about level with the fuze body holes.
  22. Don't know too much about DPRK stuff except what I've heard from vet comrades other collectors or references like the Cabral book but here is the limited amount of stuff I've accumulated.
  23. Arkaidiyh

    A few Zollverwaltung items

    Service cap, tunic of a Hauptsekretar (senior NCO or Warrant Officer) and assorted awards and insignia.
  24. RRA227

    My KPA uniform

    Nice uniform. Rich A. in Pa.
  25. SARGE

    Umweltschutz u. Wasserwirtschaft Uniform

    Thanks Arkaidiyh. I seldom see these for sale.
  26. Arkaidiyh

    My KPA uniform

    From what I have read a lot of this stuff comes from defectors and illegal border crossers into Manchuria.
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