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  2. That was my opinion also
  3. Here is another named item that was passed down to me some years ago. Hat named to Oberstleutnant (Lt Col) Engelburt Bockhoff. 1939 - 1945, awarded knights cross 1943, Budeswehr 1956 - 1969. Soes anyone know what the pin on the hat is?
  4. Preppy Picker

    Hello from Germany !

    Welcome aboard and look forward to your participation.
  5. A great movie. And, I always thought the immediate post war uniforms were very well done.
  6. SARGE

    Hello from Germany !

    Welcome. You will find some US and DDR collectors here, including myself.
  7. That was my though as well. If you look at the right sword handle, you can see glossy black over flat black, and remnants of glossy paint around the edge of the helmet. Thanks!
  8. Page-Hendryx

    Unknown foreign wings on BDU

    It looks like it may be, although it's not an exact match. Have you seen Japanese wings on US uniforms before?
  9. my opinion is the badge is ok but it has been touched up with paint.
  10. 63cagedfalcon

    Real or Repop?

    I've been offered this Japanese tanker helmet & would likecto verify originally. These are the only pics that I have. Thanks, Paul
  11. Hi altogether , I'm a long time member of the US Militaria Forum and now I decided to join this Forum. I'm collecting US militaria since I was a child and after the fall of the GDR I expandet collecting in East German militaria. doughboy
  12. patches

    WWII Funeral/Mass Cards, Sterbebild, Show Yours

    An SS Trooper, says Panzer Rgt, October 1944, Says buried in Modlin, Modlin is near Warsaw, so that leaves the SS Divisions he might of been in, Totenkopf or Wiking, both were in Gille's IV SS Panzer Corps.
  13. The 8th Army, but now in the immediate Post War period redesignated British Forces in Austria along with ROYAL ARMORED CORPS Arcs on Trever Howard's Major Calloway in the 1949 classic The Third Man.
  14. patches

    Otto Frank Anne Frank's Father

    And as a Unteroffzier.
  15. Ben@HI

    WW1 Gew.98 & Kar.98

    They definitely are and not always for the better, my kids say they don't offer any shop classes at their school. Apparently even home economics got cut but for some reason band is mandatory much to the disdain of my 15 year old. This is why nobody knows how to actually do anything anymore.
  16. Brig

    US Medals on Foreign uniforms

    A few that were posted over on GMIC with US awards on the bars...
  17. This is in fact Princess Viktoria of Schaumburg-Lippe (born of Prussia, sister of Wilhelm II) in the uniform of the 5th Westphalian Infantry Regiment No. 53
  18. I didn’t pay very much for this, but I wonder if it’s original and possibly repainted. Opinions welcome!
  19. MattS

    Luftwaffe buckle opinions please

    No opinions? I guess I’ll assume it’s real until proven wrong.
  20. Last week
  21. RRA227

    IJA Mess display

    Cold weather mess kit carrier and cold weather canteen cover? Rich A. in Pa.
  22. MattS

    IJA Mess display

    Yes, a carrying bag or haversack would be good! Is there any mess gear that would have been carried that I'm missing?
  23. RRA227

    IJA Mess display

    Nice display. Maybe a bag? Rich A. in Pa.
  24. MattS

    IJA Mess display

    This excerpt from a May, 1944 US Army Intelligence Bulletin discusses IJA rations and also mentions the fuel cans, "The fuel was in 3-ounce cans, one can being intended to cook two portions of rice." https://www.lonesentry.com/articles/intelligence-report/japanese-army-rations.html
  25. daskrieg

    IJA Mess display

    I actually have(somewhere) the fuel canister used to cook with. Is is similar to a small sterno can. If i ever find it i will post pics
  26. MattS

    IJA Mess display

    Nice example! I read a very lengthy online discussion on IJA rations, very little meat/fish added to rice and vegetables was the norm. However, I couldn't find nearly as much info on what the typical soldier carried in the field to cook and eat those rations. This is sort of my best guess! Everything is WW2 era with the exception of the chopsticks which may be post war, but I have no way of telling.
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