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My Hand-sewn Jewish Brigade Group tab patches


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Figured I'd start off with my first non-US patches. For those of you from USMF, you know that hand sewing is a passionate hobby with me, and I've combined it with my enjoyment of military history to do hand-embroidered patch repros. Either because I like the patch design or because someone needs to fill in a collection with a hard-to-find patch or wants to wear a rare type patch. :) These were done on commission for someone's collection. First time I'd done a twill patch. The JBG patch is actually embroidered on a piece of twill from a WWII-era khaki Army shirt. The Palestine tab is on black specialty wool.


The Jewish Brigade group is very interesting and I recommend you look it up! Very cool story. The British mainly outfitted a brigade of Jewish soldiers, and they would be what formed Israel's army post-war.











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