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Can you buy modern versions of UK medals (like Vanguard)?


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You could get restrikes from WWME (World Wide Militaria Exchange) but it looks like they shut down last I checked. I needed a 1939-45 Star and they had originals for $20 or restrikes for $15 so I got a real one.

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There are a number of companies that make reproduction British medals. I am currently looking for high quality reproductions of the DSO, OBE, MC, DCM, and MM for a display. The challenge is to find one that offers nice quality examples. I have seen DSO reproductions for $38 up to nearly $300 but the photos all look exactly the same. No idea how to choose which company to buy them from!!!

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Hi, This is a belated reply to this thread.


I am in the  UK and can tell you that the current official supplier of UK military medals and awards is the Worcestershire Medal Service located in Bromsgrove, West Midlands, UK. They have a comprehensive website and offer a full range of replacement awards and medals which are of very good quality. Be aware that a lot of replacement items in the UK are marked 'copy' or similar, but there are still a lot of quality replacements and older privately made pieces that are not so marked.


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